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73Sunday, December 17, 2017
State of JavaScript 2017, Vue.js Amsterdam schedule and more!

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Have you already seen the results of the State of JavaScript 2017 survey? As expected – React still dominates the market, but what’s worth looking into is how Vue’s results have changed since last year.

First of all, in 2016 around 25% of the surveyed developers hadn’t heard about Vue.js – now that’s down to 5%. Secondly, the overall percentage of people that want to learn Vue is now close to 45%. That’s right – almost half of all 28,000+ surveyed developers want to learn Vue. Additionally, the satisfaction rate is incredibly high – more than 90% of those that used Vue, want to use it again!

Those statistics are on par with React’s, leaving everything else far behind. I’m super excited what the next year will be like for Vue!

Recently we have sent you many articles and tutorials regarding testing in Vue.js. But those were usually more about how to do it, rather than what to test and when. Roman Kuba (who you might remember from his awesome VueConf talk) answers the questions in his recent article.

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The State Of JavaScript 2017 – Results

The State Of JavaScript 2017 – Results

A short survey about current popular JavaScript technologies.

Vuejs.amsterdam – The full schedule is finally here!

The Vue.js Conference Amsterdam is the key event to discover, engage, learn & exchange with the Vue.js community.

Plotting the average color of a video using D3 and Vue – Ramsay Lanier

In this tutorial you will plot the average color of a video by frame using D3 and Vue. You'll also learn how to use a web-worker to do the color calculation.

Codeship’s Philosophical Approach to Frontend Testing

You know testing your code is important. So what are the surrounding factors that can help you make a decision about what and how to test?

Creating SVG Pie Chart with Vue.js

A tutorial showing how to create a fully customized pie chart with Vue.js, rather than importing a heavy charts-related library.

Re-using VueJS Mixins and Filtering Google Map Data

The last tutorial introduced mixins adding re-usable methods for filtering. This tutorial will use the mixins to filter cafes on a Google Map

Build a Customizable Vue.js Modal with Tailwind CSS

A “from scratch” walkthrough on building a Vue.js modal system styled with Tailwind CSS.

Build a Secure To-Do App with Vue, ASP.NET Core, and Okta

In this article, I’ll show you how to build a lightweight, secure to-do app with a Vue.js frontend and an ASP.NET Core backend.

Handle Global Events in Vue.js

Respond to global events, such as keypress, contextmenu, focus events, and application shortcuts in Vue.js apps.


GitHub - vouill/vuex-api


Effortlessly handle api calls with vuex without repeating yourself.