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74Saturday, December 9, 2017
Why you should use Nuxt.js, why so many developers want to learn..

Hey folks!

Still wondering if Nuxt.js is something you should use? Make sure to read the story of Pariksha told by Krutie Patel! Really great write-up.

If you only had one chance to introduce someone new to Vue, I would recommend watching the brand new video at Vuejs.org recorded by Gregg Pollack and Adam Jahr. It’s been a long time since I saw a video that could teach you the basics of Vue in just around 5 minutes. Keep watching to the very end – there’s an additional message from Evan You!

As for resources – in case you’re having a hard time debugging mobile Vue apps, you might want to take a look at the vue-inspector library.



Why Nuxt Js is perfect framework for your next landing page?

Krutie has built a great eLearning platform called Pariksha and in this article, she tells her story of the three iterations she went through when developing the landing page to get a perfect 100/100 PWA score in Google Lighthouse. Spoiler: she uses Nuxt.js now!

Why 43% of Front-End Developers want to learn Vue.js

This is basically the written version of the new Vuejs.org introduction video done by Gregg Pollack and Adam Jahr. Can’t watch the video right now? Read this.

How To Not Screw Up UX In A Single-Page Application

The SPA architecture is designed to improve user experience in web applications. If poorly implemented, though, it can cause more problems than it fixes. In this article, we’ll take a look at the common pitfalls of SPAs that detract from user experience.

Deploying a VueJS Standalone App to Heroku

Since Vue.js SPAs are basically static pages, Heroku is not able to serve them by default. To change that you have to either use a special buildpack or add a simple web server to your app. This article will teach you how to do the latter.

Writing Vuex Stores in Typescript

Vuex is usually the go-to state-management library for Vue, but out of the box, it’s not all that TypeScript friendly. To solve this problem, Mitchell suggests the use of vuex-typex.

Linting Vue.js Components with eslint-plugin-vue

Eslint-plugin-vue is now in the 4.0 beta release and introduces several improvements over the stable version. Here’s a short article to help you improve your linting experience.


GitHub - scaccogatto/vue-waypoint


v-waypoint directive for Vue, this is the easiest way to trigger a function when you scroll



A simple JSON viewer for your everyday needs, built with Electron and Vue. It’s open source so if you’re wondering how to build a desktop Vue app, here’s your chance to dig into the source code!