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75Wednesday, January 3, 2018
Happy New Year! eslint-plugin-vue v4.0 released! Prettier support...

Happy New Year!

2017 was an awesome year for Vue and I hope it was the same for you. You can read a nicely written summary of how Vue performed in 2017 in this article by Kevin Peters. To start the year we have some great news for you – the eslint-plugin-vue v4.0 has been officially released! Additionally, Prettier is now supporting Vue’s single-file components thanks to a recent PR by Vjeux.

I’m pretty sure 2018 will be even better than last year. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements soon!


New Year's gift: Official v4.0 release of eslint-plugin-vue!

Try it out now! It has full SFC support and even catches template errors.

Prettier now supports Vue’s single-file component files!

Thanks to a PR by vjeux. Prettier is a code formatter. You can try it out.

Vue.js review of 2017

Pretty good summary of current Vue.js state and outline of all the changes that came in 2017, altogether with timeline and comments to each release.

Getting Started With TDD and Vue.js

Getting started with test-driven development, or TDD, is often the hardest part. This article helps you get going with a detailed walkthrough on setting up and writing tests for Vue.js.

Introducing VuePress: WordPress development with Vue and GraphQL

Ramsay Lanier, author of WordExpress, presents his new tool for creating WordPress sites based on GraphQL and VueJS (thus overcoming the serious issue of server-side rendering in WordExpress) - another interesting case study for Vue’s ubiquitousness.

Dependency injection with Vue.js

If you came from Angular playground then dependency injection should sound familiar - if you’re not, then we highly recommend you to learn about this pattern. Michał Męciński shows how to use it effectively with Vue.

Scaffold a Vue.js app with Poi

Learn how easy it is to scaffold a Vue.js app using Poi, a tool that makes project setup and configuration a breeze.

How to use Pug & Sass (SCSS) in Vue.js 2?

With this short guide you can quickly setup Vue application for use with your favorite preprocessors inside component files

Updating Page Title & Metadata with Vue.js & vue-router

Joshua Bemenderfer explains how to tackle the title and metadata problem using vue-router and handy extension of route declarations (SSR not included, the author declares to cover it later).

Using Apollo / GraphQL with Vue.js

If you haven’t tried GraphQ with Apollo yet, here is another tutorial by Joshua Bemenderfer that will quickly introduce you to this awesome tool.


GitHub - egoist/vue-final-form


High performance subscription-based form state management for Vue.js.

GitHub - LinusBorg/portal-vue


A Portal Component for Vuejs, for rendering DOM outside of a component, anywhere in the document.

GitHub - bahmutov/cypress-vue-unit-test


A little helper to unit test Vue components in the Cypress.io E2E test runner.