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76Wednesday, January 10, 2018
Nuxt.js v1.0 is here! Dreaming about sending rockets into space?

Hey everyone,

This week has been truly incredible. The day I was waiting for so long finally came – after eleven release candidates the Nuxt.js v1.0 has been released! If you have waited for the stable release before using it in your production app, wait no longer. Turns out that NASA is using Vue.js for at least one of their apps. They are looking for a front-end developer skilled with Vue to join them. This is your chance to work for everyone’s favorite space agency. Read on!


Nuxt.js 1.0 is out 🎉 – Nuxt.js

Want to learn more about the backstory and the future of Nuxt.js? Read this announcement post that came together with the v1.0 release.

Full-Stack Vue.js 2 and Laravel 5 book

Anthony Gore has released a new book “Full-Stack Vue.js 2 and Laravel 5”. This book, written for Laravel developers who want to learn and master Vue, provides a detailed guide to full-stack development with these technologies, emphasizing design principles, and best practices.

Templating in Vue: Separation of Concerns or Separation of Technology or something else?

Interesting deliberations about Single File Components, JSX, The Single Responsibility Principle, and how the choice between freedom and constraints can lead to cognitive load.

A Straightforward Vue.js Typeahead Component

Even if there is plenty of ready-to-use components, sometimes requirements for this one use-case are so specific, that we have to build hand-crafted solution. Here is a story and a simple showcase of creating typeahead component.

Bundle Vue library with Bili

Bundler tools won’t stop popping out. Here is another one by Egoist, based on Rollup, dedicated to libraries (instead of apps). Read the short introduction on how to use it.

“Bili gives you superpowers of Rollup without any initial configurations”

Templates for Vue Functional Components On the Fly

Since vanilla templates for Vue functional components work only when used with the vue-loader, Denny Headrick shows a highly experimental method to bypass that limitation.

Accessing Heroku Config Variables in your Vue Webpack App

Good tips on build setup changes to use Heroku’s environment variables in Vue application

VueJS Route Security and Authentication

VueJS Route Security and Authentication

There is never too much of “security and authentication” tutorials for all of those who cares about their apps. This time Dan Pastori shows how to setup navigation protection in addition to existing API countermeasures.

Managing User Permissions in a VueJS App

If using v-ifs and redirects to secure your application as described in the previous article, doesn’t scale for your needs you might be interested in CASL. CASL is a permission library that allows you to define user roles and a set of rules which restrict what resources and actions for each of those roles.


Github - jecovier/vue-json-excel


Download your JSON data as an excel file directly from the browser