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77Thursday, January 18, 2018
Vue-Devtools v4.0 released!

Vue Devtools 4.0, accessibility, not over-engineering components, Grid Layout, render prop, SFC w/ TypeScript, and creating a Vue Plugin.


What’s new in Vue Devtools 4.0 – The Vue Point

The new version comes with a huge list of awesome new features like inspecting components from the context menu, editable component’s data and even being able to open a selected component directly in your editor!

Getting Started with Web Accessibility in Vue

Web Accessibility is something too easily overlooked where just one mistake might result in our web app not being accessible at all for certain users. In this article, Emily Mears will guide you through some of the more important requirements to make sure your app work for everyone.

Stop Making Your Components Able to Do Everything

How often you’ve been wondering whether your component is designed properly and does it cover enough of assumed scenarios? Dani Lewandowski discusses complexity, agility, and role of components in the architecture of an application. Although written from a React perspective, the same rules apply to Vue components.

Grid Layout Editor for Vue.js — A research project for Pariksha.io

Krutie Patel shares her experience about research and analysis of existing dynamic grid layout libraries. Great story about problem-solving and designing solutions for a Vue-based project.

Use a Vue.js Render Prop!

Render props is a design pattern from React that allows a closer-to-the-compiler alternative to templates with fine-grain control over rendering. In this article, Darren Jennings shows you how to implement render props with Vue.js.

Writing Single File Components (Vue Files) in Typescript: vue-class-component vs. Vue.extend

If you want to write TypeScript inside your Single File Components you have two options, which Mitchell Garcia shows you in this article.

Creating a Basic Vue Plugin: A Quick And Practical Example

Usually, if you need to share some functionality between your components the solution is using a mixin. However, sometimes importing the mixins might get out of hand. This is when you might consider going the plugin path. Here’s a quick guide on how to write your first plugin.


GitHub - vfeskov/vanilla-back-to-top


Simple and smooth Back To Top button, works great with Vue, React, Angular and other frameworks