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78Tuesday, January 23, 2018
How to: Serverless checkout forms, token authentication, vuex and more!

In this episode, we build a serverless checkout form, discuss best practices with token authentication & vuex, introduce the storybook.js dev environment, and look at style libraries like vue-material and Semantic UI.


Creating a Vue.js Serverless Checkout Form w/ Stripe

From setup to testing, stripe to checkout, this four-part series leads you through how to monetize a serverless Vue app.

Authentication Best Practices for Vue

Learn how to easily implement authentication in your Vue.js application. You will learn how to isolate auth logic from the app and other libraries, handle unauthenticated API calls, have auto authentication, have restricted routes access and more.

Build social media platform with Vue.js, Storybook.js and Steem.js

This new series builds a full blogging platform with Vue.js and Storybook, based on the Steem blockchain.

Using Material Design with Vue.js 2

It’s simple to use Google’s Material Design inside your next project using the vue-material library. It gives you access to a full set of design components.

Managing Your Vue.js Application’s State with Vuex

This tutorial covers how to use modules and mappers to make managing your store with Vuex simpler and less error-prone.

How to add Semantic UI to your Vue project

If features such as variables, mixins and functions are important to you when styling, this tutorial shows how to add Semantic UI (which gives you those features) to your Vue project.


GitHub - raniesantos/vue-routisan


Elegant route definitions for Vue Router. Based on Laravel routing system.

GitHub - Gingernaut/Peridot


A powerful Vue.js PWA boilerplate with Server Side Rendering.

Project SurveyJS: Open-Source JavaScript & Web API Survey Management


Survey management and integration library with Vue.js integration, just out of beta.