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79Tuesday, January 30, 2018
Vue-cli 3.0 alpha, charting, auto-fixing code, and more.

This week Vue-cli 3.0 is now in alpha, setting up code analyzing + formating + auto-fixing, why not to use Vue.component, easy integration testing, creating charts, a simple modal with scoped slots, Nuxt Authentication from Scratch, and using Cosmic.js as a backend.


Vue-cli 3.0 is now in alpha state and looking for early testers and feedback

Test it out here: https://t.co/93mKgS22qE

Efficient Code Analyzing and Formatting (for Vue.js) with ESLint and Prettier

Ease your development experience with these time-saving tools.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Vue.component

There are two ways of registering Vue.js components so that you can use them in your app. However, the global registration comes with several drawbacks explained in this article.

End-To-End Testing A VueJS HackerNews Clone

This tutorial shows how to write end-to-end tests for a Vue HackerNews clone using Cypress.

How to build a content curation website with Vue and Cosmic JS

Build a simple content curation website powered by Cosmic JS.

Nuxt Authentication from Scratch

In this tutorial you will learn to build a simple vue/vuex/nuxt website with server side rendering that consists on 3 pages: the public page, the page with the login form and the private page, accessible only by authenticated user. Also we’ll build simple node/express/mysql backend to get everything work. We’ll add google+ authentication as the last step.

Building a Modal Component with Vue.js

In this article you’ll learn how to create a reusable modal component using transitions and slots.

Using Chart.js with Vue.js

Learn how to use the popular Chart.js library with the Vue.js framework to build simple HTML5 charts.