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80Tuesday, February 6, 2018
Announcing the Official Vue.js News platform!

Welcome to the 80th issue of the Official Vue.js Newsletter. This week we have "Using Cloud Firestore, end-to-end testing with TestCafe, native mobile with Weex, parent/child lifecycle hooks, free Vuex course, valid email checking, 10 things to love about Vue, canceling promises, and Laravel API CRUD." Enjoy, Comment and Share!


Vue.js News Announcement – The Vue Point

We are excited to announce the Vue.js News platform. We aim to provide a reliable way to follow on all the important news for Vue.js developers like you.

Full Stack Vue.js with Firestore – Vue Mastery

Cloud Firestore is a new NoSQL Document Database that makes it easy to build real-time applications. In this article, Jeff will get you through the basics of using Firestore with Vue.js.

End-to-End testing React & Vue SPAs with TestCafé

TestCafé is a Node.js tool based on Selenium to automate end-to-end web testing. The article’s author claims “When I first started with it, I was literally able to install it and have a basic test written in 5 minutes”. It’s good opportunity to find out quickly whether this tool suits you and your project.

Native Mobile Apps with Vue.js and Weex: Getting Started ← Alligator.io

If you wanted to try out some Vue.js powered mobile development, here is a nice opportunity - this tutorial guides you through development environment setup, app deployment and some beginners troubleshooting.

Vue Parent and Child lifecycle hooks

If you’re not familiar with Vue’s components lifecycle, do yourself a favor and study this article. Know-how about Vue’s inner workings will enhance your ability to understand and apply all of Vue related tools.

Vuex for Everyone, a Vue.js Course

VueSchool.io is a new premium platform to learn Vue.js. In this free course by Alex Kyriakidis from the Vue core team, you will get all the knowledge needed to start using Vuex in your app.

Reduce Misspelled Email Addresses in Your Vue.js App with mailcheck.js

Taking care of email address filling is a common task for both user and developer. While the first one is exposed to errors and typos, this is the other’s responsibility to handle the outcome mess. Some tools come handy on such occasions and this tutorial will teach you how to use them and prevent such unpleasant event.

10 things I love about Vue

If you are interested in Vue.js, this 10 things list on Medium is for you.

  1. Minimal Template Syntax
  2. Single File Components
  3. Vue as the new jQuery
  4. Click the link to read all 10 from Duncan Grant.

Cancelling async operations in Vue.js

Promises are a very powerful feature in JavaScript, but they lack one important feature: cancellation. However, there is a way to work around this and in this tutorial, you will learn how to do it inside Vue’s methods and Vuex actions.

The Ultimate Vue.js & Laravel CRUD Tutorial

CRUD is the bread and butter in almost every web application. In this article you will learn how to properly get and send data to a Laravel application with Vue.js.


GitHub - vue-perf-devtool/vue-perf-devtool


Vue Performance Devtool is a browser extension for inspecting the performance of Vue Components.

Visual Studio Marketplace - Vue VS Code Extension Pack


A collection of extensions for working with Vue Applications in VS Code “These are some of my favorite extensions to make Vue application development easier and fun” - Sarah Drasner

GitHub - kevinqqnj/cordova-template-vuetify-webpack


Template to quilckly build cordova/phonegap scaffold with vuetify, vue and webpack.

GitHub - potato4d/vue-fixed-header


Simple and cross-browser friendly fixed header component for Vue.js.