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84Tuesday, March 6, 2018
Vue.js Amsterdam videos and photos, Vue Storefront has been released, Release v1.4.0 Nuxt.js, Release v0.15.6 – Quasar Framework, and more.

Vue.js Amsterdam released several new videos including the State of Vue.js 2018 by Evan You. That’s something you should definitely watch as it also includes a sweet intro to vue-cli 3.0. There are also lots of photos from the event – try to find yourself!

One of my favourite projects – Vue Storefront – just hit the 1.0RC version. If you’re working with eCommerce, this is something for you! — Damian


Evan You's Keynote "State of Vue" at Vue.js Amsterdam

Keynote Speech on the past, present and future of Vue.js.

Speed up your Vue js development time with Nuxt.js

Slides: https://github.com/alexchopin/conferences/blob/master/VueAmsterdam/speed_up_your_vuejs_dev_with_nuxtjs.pdf

Apollo, GraphQL and Vue the ultimate stack

Learn More: https://github.com/Akryum/vue-cli-plugin-apollo Demo Slides: https://github.com/Akryum/vue-amsterdam-2018

Vuejs Amsterdam - Photos

View and share your favorite photo's from Vue.js Amsterdam 2018

Vue Storefront 1.0RC has been released!

If you’re working with eCommerce, you may be excited to hear that Vue Storefront 1.0RC has been released. Vue Storefront is a revolutionary approach to building eCommerce stores by harnessing the power of PWA and Vue. It’s 100% open source!

Release v1.4.0 Nuxt.js


Release v0.15.6 – Quasar Framework


Let’s Build a Custom Vue Router

Learn how to build an SPA router from scratch using the power of Vue.js This article also provides insight on how vue-router works under the hood.

Developer Learning Styles – A chat with Evan You

"Do you need a degree to become a successful developer? What’s the best learning method to start web developing? Why is JavaScript a good programming language choice to learn?" -Those and other questions answered by Evan You in this insightful interview.

Tips & tricks for vue-analytics

Vue-analytics is the go-to library to incorporate Google Analytics inside your Vue application. Here’s a list of neat tricks that you can use in your apps right away.

How to Create an Accessible Autocomplete Component with Vue.js

Transform a Vue.js autocomplete component into an accessible one with the help of ARIA attributes.

How I use Scss variables, mixins & functions globally in Nuxt.js projects

A neat trick to ease your work with global Sass variables, mixins and functions when working with a Nuxt.js app.

Vue Animations with Sketch + Haiku

Haiku allows you to design complex animations within a GUI, and then use them as components within a Vue app.

Show / hide password input values with Vue.js

A quick tutorial on how to toggle the visibility of the password field characters.


GitHub - pulsardev/vue-tour


Vue Tour is a lightweight, simple and customizable guided tour plugin for use with Vue.js. It provides a quick and easy way to guide your users through your application.

GitHub - alexjoverm/v-lazy-image


Lazy load images using Intersection Observer, apply progressive rendering and css animations.