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85Tuesday, March 13, 2018
New Vue.js Amsterdam Videos and VueJS Roadtrip, A NativeScript-Vue Webinar, Support Chris Fritz on Patreon and more

Hello! Here we are with another collection of videos from the recent Vue.js Amasterdam conference. If I were to pick one highlight from those talks then I would say – you got to watch the demo from Eduardo’s talk! If you love the Vue.js docs like I do, now you got the chance to say thanks to the person responsible for keeping them as awesome as they are. Chris Fritz just started a Patreon campaign where you can help him spent some more time on doing incredible work for the Vue community – even better docs, tooling, the official cookbook and more! — Damian


Unit testing Vue components Why test, what to test, and how to test Vue components

Slides: http://slides.com/eddyerburgh/testing-vue-components#/

State animations – Getting them right

Demo: https://state-animations-amsterdam.surge.sh/ Repository: https://github.com/posva/state-animation-demos Slides: http://slides.com/posva/vue-simple-yet-scalable

Building Reusable UI Components in Vue

Plamen Zdravkov’s Vuejs Amsterdam talk on building reusable UI components in Vue is now up on YouTube.

VueJS Roadtrip – Vue.js Amsterdam

Vuejs Amsterdam’s organizers bring you VueJS Roadtrip! An initiative to bring top notch Vue.js knowledge to your home!

NativeScript-Vue Webinar hosted by Progress

Join Jen Looper, TJ VanToll, and other luminaries from the Vue.js community on Thursday, April 5th at 10:00 AM ET as they dive into the integration between NativeScript and Vue! Featuring an interview with Evan You, this webinar will cover everything you need to know about using Vue with NativeScript.

Chris Fritz is creating tools and resources for Vue developers | Patreon

Core Vue Member Chris Fritz is the man to thank for Vue’s Documentation, the style guide, migration guide, the ESLint plugin, the vue-enterprise-boilerplate, and other useful additions to the ecosystem. His Patreon is up and you can support if you’d like to see more of his awesome work.

Automated Breadcrumbs with VueJS

Fagner Araujo show how you can easily automate breadcrumbs generation with the help of Vue Router, watchers and some metadata sprinkling.

How to create Vue.js Transitions

Learn the fundamentals of how Vue.js handles CSS transitions while replicating a menu-hover transition from Stripe’s website.

Build A i18n Filter Using Vue.js & Native Web Specs

In this article, filters are used to wrap calls to the Intl spec and provide basic internationalization for dates, numbers, and currencies.

Setup Vue with Storybook using Vue CLI 3.0 (Typescript example)

Check out Almas Akchabayev’s tutorial on how to setup a Vue project with Storybook using Vue-cli 3.0.

Build and publish a v-drag directive to npm

A comprehensive tutorial on building a Vue directive: includes working with DOM, writing tests for Jest and publication to NPM registry.

Layout broker for Vue app

An elegant solution for management of dynamic layout in a Vue application.

How to separate frontend + backend with Rails API, Nuxt.js and Devise-JWT

A detailed tutorial for building application base with RailsAPI for backend and Nuxt (so Vue included) for frontend. Special emphasis is put on authentication layer provided by Devise-JWT.

Native apps with Vue.js: Weex or NativeScript? — chapter II

Explore whether Weex or NativeScript-Vue is the right solution for your needs in this updated comparison article.




VuePromised is a very clean way to handle displaying of content coming from an asynchronous source. Instead of handling the loading state manually, you can just pass a promise to VuePromised and have it handled for you. Check out the demo for examples!

GitHub - starkwang/vue-virtual-collection


Vue component for efficiently rendering large collection data. Inspired by react-virtualize

GitHub - soal/vue-mapbox


Vue-mapbox is wrapper around Mapbox GL JS library that provides vueish-way to interact with the map.

GitHub - jofftiquez/vue-morphling


A collection of standard and custom Vue.js filters and directives.