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86Tuesday, March 20, 2018
The Official Vue Cookbook, Multiselect and Vuikit Stable Release, Vue.js Video's, Vue Mastery Intro Course, Improve Your Vue.js Application with Codeburst.io, and More Vue News, Articles and Libraries

🎉 The Official Vue.js Cookbook is now live! 🎉

For those wondering – what does a "cookbook" mean in context of web frameworks? It’s a collection of approachable tutorials that solve specific programming problems. The list of available recipes is still relatively small, but no worries, I got the feeling it will grow pretty soon, so better keep it bookmarked. Interested in contributing? Start by filing an issue under the tag "cookbook idea".

Do you want to know the secrets of Vue.js consultants? 🤫 Chris Fritz breaks the silence and shares some of the incredibly useful patterns that will boost your productivity!

— Damian


The Official Vue.js Cookbook is here!

A cookbook full of recipes of how to solve various tasks from form validation to creating custom scroll directives is now live in beta.

Vue-Multiselect – v2.1.0 release!

Vue-Multiselect is probably the most customisable dropdown solution for Vue.js. This release comes with a set of fixes and several new features like group selection. It also opens the path for the 3.0 major rewrite that’s in progress.

Vuikit Stable Release – ZOOlanders

Vuikit, a UI component library based on UIKit 3, has now reached its stable and documented release. Enjoy!

Video- 7 Secret Patterns Vue Consultants Don’t Want You to Know

There’s an astounding amount of power packed away in Vue, despite its small size. Core Vue Member Chris Fritz shares 7 patterns that can open your mind to new ways of using Vue.

Video- How to server render an application with Vue js 2

Nuxt.js creator Sebastien Chopin discusses how to server render an application in this VueJS Amsterdam talk, now up on YouTube.

Video- Vue, simple yet scalable

Eduardo San Martin Morote aka @posva speaks about Vuejs and how simple and scalable it is.

Intro to Vue.js: A Free Course by Vue Mastery

An Intro to Vue.js course is available free on VueMastery.com.

The easiest way to improve your Vue.js application

Sometimes going full server-side rendering is not the best way to improve your SEO. In this article you will learn about an alternative solution – pre-rendering.

History of a rewrite

An analysis of the performance gains of rewriting an online portfolio from React+GSAP to Vue.js+anime.js

10 reasons to use Nuxt.js for your next web application

You’ve heard of Nuxt.js, but you might not know what all the hype is about. Derick Sozo covers the top reasons you should consider using it for your next web app.

Using JSX with Vue and Why You Should Care

Using render functions might give you the extra bit of flexibility over Vue templates. Although writing them manually might be slightly painful – that’s why there is JSX.

Empty state loader for Vue.js app

Don’t let your users think your app froze. Build a reusable state loader animation in this tutorial.

First Demo (and Real) Payments with Firebase, Stripe, and Vue.js

Learn how to setup and run your first online payment system using Firebase, the Stripe API, and Vue.js.

First dive into Vue with Typescript + Lumen + Gitlab CI/CD

Learn how to integrate common sense structure to ensure testability and easy deployment of your Vue app with GitLab’s continuous integration and deployment tools.

Create a beautiful doc for your project

Looking for a simple way to build documentation for your project? KOKK is tool that let’s you render markdown files into a neat one-page document. Bonus: You can also easily embed Vue components inside the document!

Build a Reusable Pagination Component with Vue.js

Learn how to make a dynamic pagination component with a range of visible buttons by making use of data binding, event handlers and conditional rendering in Vue.js.

Deploying a Vue.js website to Amazon S3 with CircleCI

Learn how to set up automated deployment to Amazon S3 with CircleCI and the command line tool s3deploy.


Vue.js Remote Devtools


This package provides a standalone vue-devtools application, that can be used to debug any Vue app regardless of the environment. Now you can debug your app in any browser, Safari, NativeScript etc. not just desktop Chrome or Firefox.

GitHub - anthonygore/vue-cli-plugin-critical

Critical CSS Plugin for Vue CLI 3.

GitHub - ankurk91/vue-loading-overlay


Vue.js v2.x component for full screen loading indicator.