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87Tuesday, March 27, 2018
#VueConfUS is happening! 🎺 , Vue.js v2.5.17-beta.0 released, Renderless Components tutorial, in-depth look into Vue-CLI 3 and more!

So... VueConf US is happening right now! For me, that’s probably the biggest FOMO moment of my life. No worries though – we will let you know once the video recordings are published.

If I had to pick one article that you should read this week it would be the one by Adam Wathan about Renderless Components. It is an in-depth tutorial on how to push the idea of scoped slots even further to create incredibly flexible components without enforcing any layout at all. Must-read!

— Damian


Release v2.5.17-beta.0 · vuejs/vue

This beta release contains possible risky changes to the internal workings of Vue. Of course this did not alter the public API. You can help us with testing this release by using it in your development environment and letting us know if you hit any compatibility issues.

Renderless Components in Vue.js

Scoped-slots already allow for lots of freedom when building reusable components. However, you can go even further with the concept of Renderless Components. Those utilise the scoped part of the default slot to encapsulate the behaviour without any restrictions to the presentation layer.

Vue CLI 3: A Game Changer For Frontend Development – Anthony Gore

The Vue-CLI 3.0 is one of the biggest additions to the Vue developer experience in the recent months. If you still haven’t had the time to try it out you might want to read this article by Anthony Gore.

A Deep Dive in the Vue.js Source Code

An introduction to a very interesting series – learning about the Vue source code. The first article begins at the very start of each Vue app – the constructor function. Read it to the end to reach the 2nd part about the initMixin function, which is one of the core parts of the framework.

Is Vue a Good Fit for My Project? - 7 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Vue

We all know that Vue is the best. Then again when picking the tools for the our next project, we probably shouldn’t rely only on our personal opinion. This article might help you figure out whether Vue fits your project. It can also introduce you to cases you did not know Vue can cover.

The Vue from React: Building apps with Vue using my knowledge of React

Ian Wilson explains his remarks about building an app with Vue, using his knowledge of creating applications with React.

Exploring Zero Configuration With Vue

There is a new trend in JavaScript development called the Zero Configuration JavaScript (aka #0CJS). In this article Andrew Thauer compares different Vue setups – webpack, Parcel and using Vue-CLI 3.0 – in the context of this trend.

GraphQL basics and practical examples with Vue

Thinking about using GraphQL with Vue? This article should cover all the basics that you might stumble upon when first starting with GraphQL.

Testing Vue components with Laravel Dusk

Laravel Dusk is a browser testing tool designed for Laravel. Since Vue and Laravel go along just great, this article might be just right for you.

Vue JS Draw

Wanted to create a drawing app that uses VueJS for it’s interface and data management. :) Feel free to steal it…


GitHub - imudin/vue-vr


A framework for building VR applications with Vue.

GitHub - STUkh/vue-promise-btn


Vue.js plugin that handles buttons asynchronous lock and show loading state indicator.

GitHub - egoist/vue-content-loader


SVG component to create placeholder loading, like Facebook cards loading.

GitHub - MikaelEdebro/vue-airbnb-style-datepicker


A VueJs datepicker with a similar look and functionality as the popular AirBnb datepicker.