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88Tuesday, April 3, 2018
Vue.js Docs got a new Components section, quick sneak peek into the future of Vue.js, Nuxt.js 2.0 is coming!

This week comes with a huge rework of the Components section of the Vue.js Documentation. Here are some reasons behind the rewrite as explained by Chris Fritz and Sarah Drasner.

“Ughh… the components page is so long!! I just couldn’t get through the whole thing.” We used to hear that complaint a lot and it was fair. That’s why Sarah and I teamed up to completely reorganize and rewrite it, with improved examples, more detailed explanations, and a more cohesive flow. Now it’s both easier to master the basics of components and less intimidating to take that deeper dive into some more advanced feature — Chris Fritz

Even if you’ve read through the components page before, you might want to give it another look. There are some clarifications that might ease your understanding, or even sections that used to be buried but now stand on their own. Enjoy! — Sarah Drasner

Would you like to know what’s planned for the near future of Vue.js? Watch the 5 minutes interview with several VueConf US speakers recorded last week during the conference. Spoiler alert: Nuxt.js 2.0 is coming!

— Damian Dulisz


Component Registration - Vue.js

A new in-depth section of the Vue.js Documentation about advanced techniques for working with Vue components. Must-read!

The Future of Vue.js in 5 Minutes (with Video)

Gregg Pollack from our Vue.js News team has interviewed the VueConf US speakers and asked them what they are most excited about in the next year in Vue.js. Watch the video or read the summary in this article.

🚀 Nuxt 2 is coming! Oh yeah!

For many people Nuxt.js has changed the way they perceive modern web development. Even though it’s been less than a month since the 1.4.0 release, the 2.0 version is just around the corner with lots of important upgrades. Most notably the usage of webpack 4, improved CLI tools and an adaptable loading indicator. Want to try it out? Read the article to learn how you can start using it today.

Nuxt.js Community – CMTY.io

CMTY.io is a new platform for open-source projects (currently in beta) that focuses on providing a place where community members can work together, solve problems, propose feature requests and report bugs. Think Stack Overflow + GitHub Issue board for your favourite project. For starters, try it out with Nuxt.js!

📦 Parcel v1.7.0: Vue, Content Hashed Bundle Names, Aliases, Auto-Install Dependencies and more!

A very important Parcel update for the Vue community – starting from v1.7.0 Parcel now has a full out of the box support for Vue!

Best Practices for Nuxt.js SEO

One of the biggest selling points of Nuxt.js is that it makes it relatively easy to build Vue apps that are SEO friendly. In this article, Derick Sozo shares some best practices on how to properly manage meta tags and redirects in your app.

Building a ConvertKit Opt-in Form with Vue.js

In this screencast Adam Wathan will show you how to convert an ConvertKit based subscribe-form from jQuery to Vue.js.

The Writing and Rewriting of EloCute: A NativeScript-Vue Story

For some people, learning a new framework involves painstaking combing through books.....

Vue Design System

Design Systems are more than just style-guides and make for a great way to develop and maintain a set of applications. Read this article to learn how you can build a scalable design systems using the Vue Design System.

Slides: Proven Patterns for Building Vue Apps

Slides from a recent workshop by Chris Fritz. Many useful tips inside!

Intro to Vue.js: Class & Style Binding

Lesson 6 of the free Intro to Vue.js course by Vue Mastery is now released. Learn about Class and Style binding in this quick video with an accompanying written article, plus a coding challenge.

Vue.js and Webpack 4 From Scratch, Part 3

Sometimes you can’t use the Vue-cli and have to build the whole front-end setup yourself. In that case this series of articles might just save you hours of work. Daniel Cook goes through the process of setting up Vue and webpack from scratch.

Creating Your Own Router for Vue.js

Have you ever written a router library? In this series Alex Jover Morales will guide you through building your own Vue router from scratch. This includes tracking browser history, lazy loading routes and more.