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92Tuesday, May 1, 2018
New Vue CLI UI Presentation, 3 new videos from VueConf US and more!

Last week I’ve been attending a webinar by Guillaume Chau where he was explaining the new UI for Vue CLI. I’m truly amazed that just one person could prepare something that impressive. But you don’t have to believe my word only, instead watch the recording of that webinar yourself.

— Damian Dulisz


VueConf US Talk: 7 secret patterns Vue consultants don't want you to know

As a Vue consultant and member of the core team, Chris will share some of the lesser-known features and patterns you can use to improve your apps and amaze your colleagues.

VueConf US Talk: Agile Design Systems in Vue

Style Guides & Pattern Libraries are great tools. Without dedicated teams and budgets to build a centralized system, how can we build patterns into our code, using Vue components and pre-processors to iterate and automate a design system in an agile process?

VueConf US Talk: Vue & TypeScript: Up and Running

One of TypeScript's goals is to make sure that JavaScript users of all communities can use the language. Over the last year, the TypeScript team has put effort in to making TypeScript & Vue work together much more seamlessly. Come find out a bit about that work, and how you can benefit from TypeScript today!

Serverless-Side Rendering With AWS Lambda & NuxtJS

What if you could perform server-side rendering of a Nuxt.js application using serverless platforms like AWS Lambda? In this excellent article, Fernando Alvarez explains how to do exactly that!

Demystifying Vue.js internals

Have you ever asked yourself what happens within a Vue instance? How the templates end up in your browser? Read this article to learn that and more about the Vue internals.

Speed up development with Vue DevTools

Are you still using console.logs to debug your Vue.js apps? Learn how to speed up your development with Vue DevTools in this article.

VuePress in all its glory

A comprehensive look at VuePress, a Vue-powered static site generator that is composed of two parts.

How to Create Data-Driven User Interfaces in Vue

Quite often the interfaces we create are highly dependent on the data we receive from our backend. In this article, Evan Schultz explains how to dynamically create interface elements based on a schema.

Building A Comments System With Vue.js, Laravel, and Tailwind CSS

If you’re using Laravel, this might be a quite useful tutorial for you. Extra points for using Tailwind CSS!


GitHub - vuegg/vuegg


Vue.js GUI generator –Mockups and code in one go!

GitHub - Akryum/vue-summit-app


Example App: Vue + GraphQL + Apollo from Devfest Nantes 2017