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112Tuesday, September 18, 2018
NativeScript support in the new Devtools beta, Nuxt.js diagrams by Krutie Patel. See you at Vue.js London!

Hello, are you ready for Vue.js London? I’ve got a special little something for you. If you happen to be there, come and say hi! 👋 Great news for all NativeScript developers! The new beta.2 release of Vue.js Devtools now ships with a basic support for NativeScript apps! How cool is that? This week we get two very nice articles about Nuxt.js by Krutie Patel and Kevin Ball. The first one includes beautiful diagrams describing how the framework is working underneath. 😍 Enjoy!


Learn Vue.js from core-team members and industry experts at Vue School

Learn Vue.js from core-team members and industry experts at Vue School

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Quasar v1.0 — Feature freeze in effect for v0.17

The Quasar Framework is entering a feature freeze as it comes close to the 1.0 release. A huge milestone for every open-source project. The first release candidate should be available later this year.

Building a Desktop App with Vue: Electron

Natalia Tepluhina is continuing her series about building desktop apps with Vue. Previously she wrote about Vuido and inn this article, she explores how to build one using Electron. The project makes use of the awesome electron-vue boilerplate.

Universal application code structure in Nuxt.js

Krutie Patel – the master of educational diagrams for web developers strikes back! This time she is explaining the architecture behind Nuxt.js. A must read for everyone that still wonders how Nuxt is working underneath connecting all the files.

7 Frontend Architecture Lessons From Nuxt.js

A great article by Kevin Ball where he goes through some of the design decisions and patterns that drive the Nuxt.js framework. This article works great with the previous one by Krutie Patel.

How to Emit Data in Vue: Beyond the Vue.js Documentation

Sunil Sandhu goes through several ways of communicating between components that go beyond the typical parent-child relation.

Can A Vue Template Have Multiple Root Nodes (Fragments)?

Normally you can’t have multiple root nodes inside your component template. However, there are ways to go around that using render functions or the recently released vue-fragments plugin.

Vuidget — How to create an embeddable Vue.js widget with vue-custom-element

Web components are a great encapsulation target when you need to create a widget that can be embedded in different environments. Dana Janoskova shows how to transform Vue components into real custom-elements by using the vue-custom-element library. This can also be quite useful if you want to use Vue components next to other frameworks like React and Angular.

Vue.js + GSAP = 🔥 Animations – Noteworthy - The Journal Blog

GSAP (GreenSock) is one of the most powerful animation libraries out there. If you’re into animations, make sure to give it a try!