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115Tuesday, October 16, 2018
Q&A with the Nuxt.js creators; Introducing Gridsome – a blazing-fast static site generator with Vue and GraphQL.


great news for all Nuxt.js fans! The Chopin brothers (Alexandre and Sebastien) will be doing a Q&A session on the Official Vue.js Chat. If you got any questions for them, for example related to the recently published Nuxt.js 2.0 – here’s a great chance to ask those. The Q&A will start on October 20th at 4pm UTC.

Were you looking for something similar to GatsbyJS but for Vue?

Look no further! Here’s Gridsome, a blazing-fast static site generator powered by Vue.js and GraphQL that can fetch data from any CMS you want.


— Damian Dulisz


Gridsome - Build blazing fast websites with Vue.js and GraphQL

Gridsome is a blazing-fast static site generator for building PWA & SPA front-ends for any CMS or data source with Vue.js and GraphQL.

You can deploy it as a server-side rendered app or a statically generated page.

Build a Real World Vue.js App + Learn Vuex on Vue Mastery

Build a Real World Vue.js App + Learn Vuex on Vue Mastery

Now with 2.5 hours of video the Real World Vue Course utilizes Vue CLI 3 to build an app from the ground up. This now includes 1 hour of purely Vuex instruction and is taught by Gregg Pollack & Adam Jahr and edited by Chris Fritz of the Vue core team.

For the next 48 hours use the coupon code “VUENEWS25” to get 25% off an annual subscription. Plus $35 of your subscription goes back to support Vue.js.

Working an application in Vue.js with TDD — An extensive guide for people who have time

Test-driven development – also known as TDD – is a very useful development process that forces you to first write the required tests before jumping to implementation. However, this is easier said than done. In this series of articles Daniel Kuroski shows how to get started with this approach and make it work for you.

Creating Simple Kanban Application with Vue and Firebase

Have you heard of Trello? Have you thought about building something similar? In this article, Julian Christian Anderson is showing how to build a real-time Kanban board using Vue.js and Firebase.

Optimistic Offline-First Apps With Vuex

Ido Shamun wrote a great introduction to the concept of offline-first applications. The article covers the definition of optimistic updates, shows how to create an offline cache of the Vuex state and how to sync it up with your server once the connection is restored.

Getting Started with Nuxt.js

If the official Nuxt.js docs haven’t clicked with you, here’s another take at explaining what Nuxt.js is doing and how to get started with it.

Adding Apollo Client to Quasar

Using the Quasar framework? Thinking about introducing GraphQL to your app, but you’re unsure how? Look no further – here’s a short tutorial on how to set it up in your app written by Scott Molinari.

Master Vue.js by mastering common problems

When first starting with Vue, you might stumble upon several common problems related Vuex, Vue-Router or the Vue instance. Often those problems would lead you to Stack Overflow or similar pages. Here’s a collection of the most common questions and answers to them.

Laravel 5.7 + Vue + Vue Router = SPA

Here’s an article for those of you who happen to work with or intent to start using Laravel, the PHP framework. In it, Aiden Koh explains how to set up a Vue single-page application with routing on top of the backend framework.


GitHub - posva/vue-prop-data-fallback


Vue mixin to support an optional prop by falling back to a local data

Vee Element Demo


A Vue plugin for Element UI that enables the Vee Validate validation library to be used instead of Element’s default Async Validator