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116Tuesday, October 23, 2018
How to build a Vue CLI plugin; Guide to writing SSR-ready components and more!


Do you know the Views on Vue podcast? In the last week episode, the guests talked about contributing to open-source. Check it out if you’re interested in this topic!

I’m very happy to let you know that I will be doing a full-day workshop in Warsaw, Poland on the 3rd of December. The workshop is titled "Ridiculously Reusable Components in Vue.js" and focuses on efficient component design patterns that make the components easy to refactor and scale. All while avoiding premature optimisations.

— Damian Dulisz


Views on Vue Podcast #033: “Panelists Contributing to Opensource”

If you enjoy our podcast you might also be interested in "Views on Vue". The latest episode treats about contributing to open source. Guests include: Charles Max Wood, Chris Fritz, Erik Hanchett and Divya Sasidharan.

Ridiculously Reusable Components in Vue.js – Workshop

Ridiculously Reusable Components in Vue.js – Workshop

If you are interested in best practices regarding component design I will be sharing my experience during a full-day workshop on December 3rd, in Warsaw, Poland during Frontend-con.io.

How to build a Vue CLI plugin

Have you thought about creating your own Vue CLI plugin for you library? Natalia Tepluhina wrote a detailed article on how to do just that, building an Rx.js plugin. It covers all the steps you will have to go through: from using the file generator, creating a command line prompt and publishing the plugin.

The guide to write universal, SSR-ready Vue components

Alexander Lichter wrote a guide on how to to make sure your components won’t cause any issues when used during server-side rendering. The guide includes tips on how to avoid memory-leaks, manage the usage of platform-specific APIs and how to work with directives.

The Ultimate Nuxt.js Cheat Sheet 📄

Speaking of server-side rendered applications – Vue Mastery has released a free Nuxt.js Essentials Cheat Sheet (in the same style as the Vue.js Essentials Cheat Sheet). If you end up going back to docs to look up the syntax – this is something for you.

Working an application in Vue.js with TDD — An extensive guide for people who have time — part 2

Continuing where he left last week, Daniel Kuroski is back with the 2nd part of his TDD guide for Vue.js applications. This week you will read more about how to write tests and how to write useful helper methods that can speed up your testing experience.

Advanced Vue Debugging: A Detective Story

When debugging many Vue developers rely on the easiest debugging methods: Vue.js Devtools and simple console logs. In this article Kevin Ball shows how to improve your debugging skills by explaining how to locate malfunctioning code and debug it with breakpoints.

Mounted and BeforeDestroy Hooks in Vue.js functional components.

Here’s a little hack showing how to simulate mounted and beforeDestroy hooks in Vue.js functional components through the usage of component.