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152Tuesday, August 6, 2019
Vue-Router v3.1.0 released; Buefy v0.8.0 released; New examples on how to use the vue-function-api.


amazing news – the Vue-Router v3.1.0 has been released by Posva and along with several fixes and improvements, the Router-Link component now has a scoped-slot! This allows for some really powerful customization options. Here you can find the related docs.

Still not sure what to think about the vue-function-api RFC? There’s another great article that shows how you will be able to use it to further simplify your application by extracting common features into composition functions.

Damian Dulisz


Release v3.1.0 · vuejs/vue-router · GitHub

A new version of the Vue-Router has been released with several fixes and improvements. It also comes with a scoped-slot that is now available on the Router-Link component. Read the corresponding docs to learn how to use it.

Release v0.8.0 · buefy/buefy · GitHub

One of my favorite UI components libraries for Vue has just released a new version that includes a few new components like a navbar and a progress bar, as well as a few breaking changes when it comes to importing the components. Careful when you update!

Vue.js 3: Future-Oriented Programming

Here’s a pretty great article that highlights the possibilities that come with the hopefully upcoming Vue function API based on the vue-function-api RFC. The article shows how one can extract certain functionalities that used to be tightly coupled together inside a component into a set of composition functions that can easily be composed together.

Getting Your Route On with NativeScript-Vue: Episode Two

In part two of this blog series on routing in NativeScript-Vue apps, Raymond Camden looks at more advanced routing techniques like tab- and frame-based routing.

Getting More Out of Vue Async Components

This one is definitely advanced, but is also one of the neatest tricks I’ve seen in a while! See how you can combine asynchronously loaded Vue components with data fetching and use it to affect the component declaration (like its data property) based on that data fetched.

Vue.js Pattern for Async Requests: Using Renderless Components

In this article Lukas is building a renderless component that takes care of loading fetching data, similar to the vue-promised library. This approach comes in handy when you work with more generic data fetching and don’t want to handle the loading and error handling states inside your parent component itself. Especially if you load from multiple sources and want each of those requests to have their own loading state.

Understanding data flow in Vuex

Here’s a very short and simple graphical explanation to how the data flow in Vuex works. If you had some troubles understanding Vuex or know someone who has, this should definitely help shine some light on it.

How to Reduce Your Vue.js Bundle Size With Webpack

A great article that explains how to use the webpack-bundle-analyzer to understand which libraries make for the biggest parts of your JavaScript bundle. Then it shows how you can apply this knowledge to some of the more popular libraries like lodash and Vuetify to reduce the bundle size by even up to 50%.

Free HTML Email Template Builder – Build with Vue.js

MySigMail Card is free HTML email template builder that helps to create professionally looking email templates


GitHub - aws-samples/aws-amplify-auth-starters


Starter projects for developers looking to build web & mobile applications that have Authentication & protected routing