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168Thursday, December 5, 2019
Vue-Apollo v4.0-alpha; @vue/composition-api now supports SSR; VueConf Toronto summary and more!

Hi there,

it never ceases to amaze me how much one person can do. And I’m not speaking about Evan here. Recently Guillaume Chau aka Akryum has been on a building spree. He just released the vue-apollo v4.0-alpha which is built with Vue Composition API in mind. But that’s not all. He also added server-side rendering support to the @vue/composition-api plugin. And then he refactored the awesomejs.dev website to use both of those libraries. You can see the changes in this commit. It might give you a good impression on how the Composition API might change the way you write components. Good job! 👏👏👏

Of course, it is not required to use the Composition API at all in Vue 3.0, but it seems Guillaume is very excited about it! And so am I after trying it out for my libraries.

Damian Dulisz


Clean Components Course

Clean Components Course

Michael Thiessen, one of the most popular tech writers in the Vue ecosystem (you probably have seen his articles in this newsletter) has created a whole course focused on building and refactoring components with the aim to create a scalable application architecture. Check it out!

Vue Toronto 2019

Read the summary of the recent VueConf Toronto conference written by one of the speakers, Debbie O’Brien!

Top ways to learn Vue 3

With a Vue 3 release in sight, it’s a good time to get familiar with the upcoming features. In this article, we’re going to take a trip around the web to share some of our favorite Vue 3 resources, from tutorials to podcasts. We’ll include a link to the resource along with a quick summary of what you’ll learn.

Create a lazy-loading image component for faster Vue.js apps

Another nice article from Austin. This time, he explains now to build a replacement component for the HTML element that lazy-loads the images which in turn makes your app faster. Smart way of using the intersection observer.

Vuex Data Model and Feature Module Strategy Part 2: Feature Modules

Here’s the 2nd part of the series focused on building reusable factories for Vuex store modules to reduce repeatable code. In this part, Markus shows how you can create a "feature" module factory that helps you consume the data stored by the "model" modules. Interesting read!


Release v0.3.3 · vuejs/composition-api · GitHub


The Vue 2.x Composition-API plugin now supports onServerPrefetch lifecycle hook which was the missing piece to make the plugin work with server-side rendering!

Release v4.0.0-alpha.1 · vuejs/vue-apollo · GitHub


In preparations the Vue 3.0 release, the Vue-Apollo v4.0 alpha release is now suppoprting the Composition API as an alternative way of working with Apollo in Vue.