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179Sunday, April 19, 2020
🎉 Vue.js v3.0-beta released! Check out the new State of Vue update from Evan You; Great things for TS users coming in Vue 3.0!


long time no see... Sorry about that! Have you been missing the newsletter? I sure hope you did.

I’ve got some exciting news for you! Vue v3.0-beta has been released! This brings us yet another step closer to the final release. There’s also a presentation from Evan You that will walk you through the next steps.

There’s also a small update to Vuex – v3.2.0. It comes with an utility hasModule function that allows you to check if a module is already registered.

Also thanks to some recent work by Rahul Kadyan, we’re getting closer to a much improved TypeScript experience for Vue 3.0 which also includes templates! It might also support smart refactoring (check out the short video in the link)!

Stay safe,

Damian Dulisz


Vue.js 3.0-beta – State of Vue Apr 16, 2020 – Evan You

Check out the presentation from Evan’s recent online ThisDot meetup about the just released Vue 3.0-beta!

Release v3.2.0 · vuejs/vuex · GitHub

New release that introduces the hasModule method to check if a module has already been registered.

#11: Enjoy The Vue: Test Driven Development with Sarah Dayan

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#12: Enjoy The Vue: Vue Router with Eduardo San Martin Morote

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State Management Without Vuex

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What you will love in Vue 3

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What to do when Vue hydration fails

SSR is amazing but also comes with errors you might have not seen before. Especially one problem still boggles lots of minds: When Vue Hydration fails. In this article we will take a look at possible reasons, explain what the error means and how to fix it.

Vue Skeleton Loading Screen using Suspense Components

Skeleton loading screens show a content outline while waiting for data to load - providing a great user experience and making load times feel shorter.

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Quasar and Apollo - Client State without Vuex - Part 1 - Scott Molinari

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#33: Use Web Workers in your Vue.js Components for Max Performance

Learn how to get up to 20x performance improvement of Vue.js components that rely on heavy tasks so they render and load faster.


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