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95Tuesday, May 22, 2018
Build native desktop apps using Vuido (without Electron), Vue design decisions discussed and more!

I just learned about Vuido – a fork of Vue that makes it possible to create native desktop applications without the need for Electron. 🔥 Underneath it uses libui, a GUI library written in C. Though it’s still in its early stages I’m incredibly impressed by the work Michał Męciński (the author) has done. I wonder what possibilities it might open.

There’s also a very nice summary of some of the design decisions behind Vue written by Harshal Patil. The article additionally includes links to issues with the discussions about some of those decisions.

— Damian Dulisz


Live Webcast: Newest Features in Vue + Q&A with Evan You

Who wouldn’t want a guided tour of the newest features of Vue.js and get their questions answered by the man who created it, Evan You? Join the live Q&A with Evan You, hosted by Gregg Pollack on May, 29th, 2 pm EDT.

Vue Mastery's Advanced Components Course

Learn to use the full functionality of Vue components, scale your applications, improve your debugging skills, and perhaps even contribute to the Vue project itself. Subscribe to Gregg Pollack's Advanced Components course and $5 of your subscription goes directly to Vue.js project itself.

Vue.js — Considerations and Tricks

If you’ve been wondering about some of the design decisions behind Vue.js this article is for you. It touches on some of the more discussed decisions like why Vue is not using the ES6 classes by default along with the answers from the Vue core team members. There are also some very neat tips and tricks in the article too.

Compile Vue.js templates on the Fly with v-runtime-template

A very interesting case. How would you approach rendering parts of your application where the template comes from a remote API? By using v-html perhaps? But what about, when the template also contains Vue specific code? That’s what Alex Jover Morales had to do and this article tells how he did it.

How the new Vue CLI simplifies development

Here’s a quick overview of the best new functionality in the updated Vue CLI (v3.0) compared to the previous CLI.

Lazy Loading Components with vue-cli 3, webpack & Vue Router

You most certainly don’t want to load all the JavaScript code from your app during the initial load. That’s why there is code splitting that allows for splitting your bundle into smaller chunks. Those can be later lazy loaded on demand. One of the most popular strategies for that is splitting and lazy loading based on the routes. This article tells you how to do it with Vue.

Reducing CSS generated by vue-loader using classnames-shorten trick

Learn about this 3-lines trick to shorten the generated CSS class names in production. This should help you to slightly reduce the size of the overall CSS files.


GitHub - mimecorg/vuido


Vuido makes it possible to create lightweight, native desktop applications using Vue.js. Application using Vuido can run on Windows, OS X and Linux, using native GUI components, and don't require Electron.

GitHub - vue-a11y/vue-announcer


A simple way with Vue to announce any useful information for screen readers.

GitHub - guruahn/vue-google-oauth2


Handling Google sign-in and sign-out for Vue.js applications

GitHub - BKWLD/nuxt-spa-store-init


A simple Nuxt module that will hydrate the Vuex store when running in SPA mode (not SSR)

GitHub - alexjoverm/v-runtime-template


Vue component for compiling templates on the fly using a v-html like API

GitHub - Orlandster1998/vue-typed-js


Typed.js integration for vue.js. Create a typing animation.