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102Tuesday, July 10, 2018
First look into Vue UI, New Vue.js London conference speakers and more


Vue.js London conference has announced several new talks – you can check the speakers list here. Additionally, VueVixens will be running a two free half-day workshops among other workshops that happen a day before the conference. Here’s a list of all the announced workshops.

And as always – many new articles and tutorials. Dig in!

— Damian Dulisz


Vue UI: A First Look

With a stable release of Vue CLI version 3 just around the corner, this article explores the features of the Vue UI.

Managing Complex Waiting Experiences on Web UIs

There are different categories of "waiting" within an application. This article explores those categories and how to handle them effectively for the best UI/UX.

Vue.js — Forms, components and considerations

Creating a form that works is one thing. Creating a form with best practices is another. This article aims to teach the best practices of Vue forms.

Building a list keyboard control component with Vue.js and scoped slots

There are great packages which let you create a dropdown list and use keyboard to control it. But what if you need to make one yourself? This article shows you how.

Fitting Slots Into Your Vue.js Code

Are you new to slots in Vue? This article shows when and how to incorporate them effectively to create more DRY and flexible components.

🍝 Cooking a Deliveroo clone with Nuxt (Vue.js), GraphQL, Strapi and Stripe

Develop a Deliveroo clone, using the following technologies: Nuxt Vue, GraphQL, Stripe and Strapi.

Diary of a Rapid Application Build

A senior developer's journey into rapid application prototyping based of his learning experience attempting to build a Trello clone in 4 hours.

The SEO discover for Vuejs

SEO is a indispensable part for websites. A good SEO can help website to be indexed easily by search engine. Learn how to get started implementing SEO in your Vue app in this tutorial.

Stubbing Vue components in vue test utils

When writing unit tests, often we want to stub parts of the code we are not interested in. A stub is simply a piece of code that stands in for another. This article presents options for how to do this with vue test utils.

Vue.js: from internationalization (i18n) to localization (l10n) and back again

Explore implementing internationalization and localization in your Vue app with this tutorial.


GitHub - Esvalirion/vue-drag-it-dude


Vue2 component, that allows you to drag object wherever you want

GitHub - xaksis/vue-good-links


An easy to use link and text hover effect library for Vue