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104Tuesday, July 24, 2018
Announcing Vue.js Core Team Summit #1; Vue.js Roadtrip videos;

I’m very happy to announce that along with several other Vue core team members we will be organising a free community meetup in Wrocław, Poland on Thursday next week (August 2nd). The meetup is to be called the Vue.js Core Team Summit and we intent to organise those meetups whenever we’re gathering for the Vue sprint.

Wondering what’s a Vue sprint? It’s a special week where members of the core team gather together in one place and work on different Vue tools and libraries like Vue-Devtools.

I will let you know about all the things we will be working on next week!

— Damian Dulisz


Vue.js Core Team Summit #1 | Community Meetup

Vue.js Core Team Summit #1 | Community Meetup

Along with 7 other Vue core team members we decided to organise a Vue.js Meetup during our Vue Sprint next week in Wrocław, Poland. The event is free and it will feature two talks by Chris Fritz and Guillaume Chau, followed by a Q&A session. If you happen to be nearby on Thursday, August 2nd at 6:30pm join us and say hi! Keep in mind there are only 150 seats.

Vue.js Roadtrip Talk Videos – Playlist

Several talks from the recent Vue.js Roadtrip events are now available on YouTube. Here’s the list:

  • Guillaume Chau - Apollo & GraphQL
  • Quique Fdez Guerra - Real and Scalable applications with Nuxt, Vuex and Typescript
  • Sebastien Chopin - Fast Prototyping with Vue.js
  • Cristian Ronzio - Server Side rendered Vuejs app
  • Ives van Hoorne - Codesandbox | Online web application editor

Building "Renderless" Vue Components

In some cases you need your components to do the same thing but have a completely different template. You can do that by abstracting the scripts into a mixin. This can also be accomplished by building a renderless component, that uses scoped-slots to share both data and methods.

Recursion for Nested, Tree-Structure Components in Vue

Recursion is something every developer learns about at some point in their education. The second step is learning when to use it. Tree-structure based components (think nested navigation or comments) are a perfect case for that and in this article Kyle Holmberg explains how to build such a component.

Testing Vue with Jest part II

Here’s a another great article about testing with Jest. Ramon explains how to use the shallowMount and trigger methods of vue-test-utils, that are a vital element of testing Vue components.

Mastering Vuex — Zero to Hero

If you were looking for a compressed, step-by-step intro to Vuex here’s a great article that does just that.

Vue CLI 3: New Era in Frontend Development

Vue CLI 3 is just around the corner though I personally believe it’s already production ready. In this article Tomasz Żdanuk goes through the most important new features of the new tool and explain why they matter.

Building a simple real-time chat application using Socket.io, Express and Vue.js

A great tutorial that will teach you how to build a real-time chat app from the very start using vue-socket.io, a tool that creates a seamless bridge between Vue and Socket.io.

Build an Instagram clone with Vue.js and CSSGram

Another great tutorial, this time teaching you how to build an Instagram clone. This includes uploading and editing images using CSSGram as well as drag-scrolling with vue-dragscroll.

Creating a Markdown editor/previewer in Electron and Vue.js

If you’re interested in desktop applications this tutorial might be for you. David Herron has put tons of work in this article and it shows. Read it and learn how to build an Electron-based Markdown editor with the use of the electron-vue project.


GitHub - juijs/vue-graph


A vue component library based on the JUI charts available in vuejs.

GitHub - xaksis/vue-good-table


An easy to use powerful data table for vuejs with advanced customizations including sorting, column filtering, pagination, grouping etc

GitHub - fernandoescolar/types-vue


Typescript decoratos for Vue js. Binding helpers for Vuex and vue-class-component



Use SVG files as Vue components

Vuex Pathify


Ridiculously simple Vuex setup + wiring

GitHub - galvez/nuxpress


A Nuxt-based blogging engine and boilerplate