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105Tuesday, July 31, 2018
Vue.js Sprint sneak peek; Get the VueVixens Scholarship for Vue.js London!


I have some great news from the front – we’re still alive and kicking!

The Vue.js Sprint is going very well and we already made significant progress on a number of tasks. Those include finishing some new eslint-plugin-vue rules, adding those to a brand new eslint config tab inside the Vue CLI UI. There are also huge performance improvements to both the events and Vuex tabs inside the Vue Devtools. Oh and did I mention the Beta release?

I personally worked on the News 2.0 release which will include support for tags for every story we publish along with a way to search through all the stories we published.

Of course that’s not all we did and we still got 3 days before us. You can expect a proper summary of the whole sprint around next week!

Also, if you identify as a woman, you might be interested in this tweet by VueVixens!

— Damian Dulisz


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