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108Wednesday, August 22, 2018
Views on Vue, Building a 3D editor using Vue and BabylonJS and more!

Hello, if you had the chance to meet Chris Fritz, you might have noticed he has a really good radio voice. 😅 For those that don’t know – it’s a skill he quite often utilises on the Views on Vue podcast where he’s one of the hosts. Unlike ours, this one is a few times longer and involves discussions between the hosts and sometimes – special guests.

My friend Krzysztof Jung – the co-creator of this newsletter – has recently written an amazing article about building a “3D interior design app” with Vue.js and BabylonJS. A must read, especially if you’re also into gamedev.

— Damian Dulisz


Framework Summit Conference - October 2-3 – Park City, Utah

Framework Summit is a two-day conference focused on all front-end JS frameworks, held in Park City, Utah, Oct 2nd and 3rd. Although we’re all fans of Vue here, it’s always great to know what’s happening in other ecosystems. Vue will be represented there by none other than Chris Fritz!

Check out the recent Q&A session with Evan You and Guillaume Chau on the #q-and-a channel

If you’re not on Vue’s Discord channel you might have missed the recent Q&A session with Evan You and Guillaume Chau that happened there. Most questions were related to the future of Vue.js and the recent Vue CLI 3.0. If you want to learn more about the answers, join Vue-Land!

Guillaume Chau Vuejs and Vue CLI-3 (Limited spots available) – August 23rd

Guillaume Chau will be giving an in-depth talk about the Vue CLI 3.0 during the next Vue.js Amsterdam meetup this Thursday. Don’t miss the chance, there are still some spots left!

Views on Vue Podcast

Views on Vue is a podcast on the Devchat.tv platform. The form of the podcast is rather different than our News Podcast as it follows the form of a discussion panel. The hosts list includes: Chris Fritz, Joe Eames, Divya Sasidharan, Erik Hanchett and Charles Max Wood. It often has with special guests.

Dynamic forms with Vue.js

You might know Darek from the Vue Discord channel, where he’s better known as Gusto – the ever present moderator. Here’s a great video from the recent Vue.js Berlin meet-up where he talks about dynamic forms with Vue. In short – how to manage form state, validate those and generate based on a schema.

Building a 3D Editor with Vue.js: Designing a Reactive Entity System – Krzysztof Jung – Monterail

Building a 3D Editor with Vue.js: Designing a Reactive Entity System – Krzysztof Jung – Monterail

Krzysztof Jung – who co-curates most of the newsletter issues – has written an amazing case study of how you can build a The Sims-like 3D game using Vue and Babylon.js.

Just kidding – it’s not really a game, but a 3D interior design app for the Web. From what I heard it does feel similar to the game. Anyway, to create it, Krzysztof relied on the entity-component system that is heavily popular in game dev. If you wonder how to plan such a complex application – definitely check this article.

5 Vue CLI 3 plugins for your Vue project

Vue CLI 3.0 has been officially released just a few weeks ago and yet it already has more than 130 plugins available. In this article, Derick Sozo has prepared a list of 5 CLI plugins that solve different potential problems in your app.

Practical Use of Vue.js Scoped Slots

Scoped slots are one of the Vue features that are usually quite hard to explain without good examples and thus tend to be quite confusing to newcomers. To help with that, Mateusz has written a great article explaining how you can use scoped slots to build a Google map component that can act as a provider. Such a component can expose the map instance to be accessed from the parent component where the component is used – through scoped slots.

Testing vue-apollo Components with Jest

There are many tutorials on how to test Vue components but rarely you can find ones that explain how to do that with additional, specialised tools like vue-apollo. Turns out it can be quite the hassle. Thankfully, Natalia Tepluhina has shared her experience with writings tests for that particular stack. If you happen to us vue-apollo and care about tests (you should) – a must read!

Handling touch with Vue.js

Usually when developing websites, most developers focus on the desktop interactions leaving the interactions on mobile devices as they are. However, quite often it is the mobile devices where most of the visitors are using. Lisi Linhart explains how to handle different touch events using HammerJS with custom directives to improve make the overall mobile experience.

Vue-autosuggest latest release - slots! 🎰

Vue-autosuggest just got a new release! Using that opportunity, Darren Jennings is sharing a small case study of how scoped slots can be used to simplify the API of components responsible for things like autocompletion.

Sending emails through Nuxt.js

You probably already know that you can use Nuxt.js as a renderer for an Express app. But here’s a plot twist – did you know that you can use Express as part of a Nuxt.js middleware? Alexander Lichter shows how to do just that in order to be able to send emails directly from your Nuxt app.

Chronocross - A Simple Productivity App built on Quasar and Firebase

Thinking about building an app? Joseph Harvey shares his thought process behind a productivity app he recently created named “Chronocross”. For the app he used Quasar Framework and Firebase.

Vue Theme - Theme for Visual Studio Code inspired by Vue.js