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123Tuesday, December 11, 2018
New patch Vue.js release; Eslint-plugin-vue 5.0 released; The program for VueConf.us is out!


Great news – Vue 2.5.18 is out now for you to use with version 2.6 underway. If you would like to check out how the works are going, provide your insight or help out, take a look at the 2.6 project board on GitHub.

Also, the new version 5.0 of the eslint-plugin-vue has been released. It covers even more rules from the official style guide! Upgrade to the new version and improve your codebase with ease.


— Damian Dulisz


Stories, Chapters and Paragraphs: Structuring Content with Storyblok and Vue.js

Storyblok is a headless CMS that makes it possible to create a schema that you can use to build your page using the components you want. In this tutorial, you will learn how to make use of it when used alongside Vue.js.

Structuring a Vue project — Authentication

Authentication is a common problem that is quite hard to get right. In this article, Boris Savic explains how he solved the problem, including how create protected routes, use Vuex to store authentication state and some additional tips like how to refresh expired access tokens when the API returns a 401 error. Great writeup!

Vue Development In 2019: What You Need To Know

Anthony Gore wrote an article that provides a high-level map of the key areas of knowledge about Vue, from the core features to essential ecosystem tools. If you’d like to organise your knowledge, look for areas to learn, this is a nice starting point.

Let's talk about an unnecessary but popular Vue plugin

Here’s an article that I think triggered a pretty interesting discussion – what plugins to use, when plugins make sense and whether one should use one after all.

Working with the Camera in a NativeScript Vue App

Making use of the camera is a pretty common use case when creating mobile apps. Here’s how to use the NativeScript camera plugin when creating a NativeScript-Vue app.


GitHub - f/vue-smart-route


Smart route search to make intelligent looking apps with Vue.js.

GitHub - posva/vue-local-scope


🖇 Generate local scopes in templates to compute data from other scoped slots or simply to have variables in templates