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124Tuesday, December 18, 2018
Quasar 1.0 Sneak Peek; Videos from VueConf Toronto; Interview with Evan You;


More videos from VueConf Toronto are available. Check out the talks by Evan You and John Leider – the creator of Vuetify.

Also, Quasar is getting close to the 1.0 release and there are multiple new changes coming as it stabilises its API. Read the sneak peek.

The holiday season is coming and I would like you to know that we will be taking 2 weeks off before we return with more news and articles in 2019! In the meantime, enjoy the holidays and I wish you a vuetiful New Year! 🎉

— Damian Dulisz


Quasar 1.0 — Sneak Peek – Quasar Framework

This article goes into detail about what you can expect when the full release of the Quasar-Framework v1.0 lands at the end of January 2019.

TL;DR; New components, improved docs, better TypeScript support, improved i18n, a11y and theming support and much more.

Vue 3.0 Updates - Evan You

Evan You, creator of Vue.js is giving updates about the upcoming Vue 3.0 at VueConfTO 2018.

Vuetify 2.0 - John Leider

A presentation by John Leider, author of Vuetify that gives a sneak peak at the future of the component framework. Talks about new features and functionalities, QoL improvements, structure changes and how it all benefits the developer.

Taking on Google and Facebook as a Solo Open-Source Founder with Evan You of Vue.js

A great audio interview with Evan You on the Indie Hackers Podcast!

Simplify Your Components with Computed Setters

One of the main core concepts of Vue.js is computed properties. With computed properties, we can easily compose new data that is derived from other data. However, it is also possible to split a computed property into a pair of get and set methods that allow to execute a method when the value is assigned. A very useful technique. Read this article to learn how to use it.

Vue gotchas

There are a few gotchas that developers stumble upon when working with Vue. In this article Matus Peciar explains 4 of those potential issues and how to avoid them.

Mixins and custom functions to enhance your Vue applications

Mixins allow you to extract shared fragments of your component’s logic into a separate file. Though quite often it’s better to go with components, mixins still have their uses. Check out this article, by Christian Nwamba to see some examples when mixins can become very useful.

(An Approach to) Vue.js Template Variables

Here’s an interesting trick that you can employ to cache a method call inside Vue template. Make sure to also read the comment by pbastowski to explore how it can be solved.


GitHub - Carrene/vue-loading-checkbox


A highly customizable Vue.js checkbox UI component with loading state

Vue Glide


Vue component on top of the Glide.js

Free Reusable Vue Slides Deck


A Vue.js inspired slides deck to help you build readable presentations.