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130Wednesday, February 13, 2019
Vue Storefront 1.8 released; JHipster now supports Vue; What Hooks mean for Vue?


Some interesting news this week, especially if you’re also working with Java. That’s because JHipster, a development platform for developing Java apps that use modern web frameworks for their front-end has now a blueprint for Vue.js. Still in beta, but looks very promising.

There’s also a great article about the introduction of “hooks” (inspired by React hooks) and what they mean for Vue.js, written by Sarah Drasner.

By the way – our news team (that is me, Gregg and Adam), will be in Amsterdam this week at the Vue.js Amsterdam conference. Come and say hi!

See you! — Damian Dulisz


Vue Storefront 1.8 — power of VS community!

It’s really exciting to see how this project and the community around it, are growing so rapidly! Aside from multiple new features and fixes in the new version, the team is planning to create a marketplace for Vue Storefront modules, themes and integrations, where the creators will be able to monetize from their work. Check out the article for more details.

What Hooks Mean for Vue

Hooks (not to be confused with lifecycle hooks) became a huge news for React and they are likely to be introduced into Vue in the not so distant future. However, I’ve seen people questioning the potential usefulness of hooks, given that Vue already has mixins that solve a similar problem. However, mixins also come with several drawbacks. Check out this great article to learn more about what problems hooks can solve and how without all the cons of using mixins.

New in Vue: ES Module Browser Build

Vue 2.6 features an ES Module Browser Build, allowing you to write modular Vue apps that can run in the browser without a build step. This article will delve into the background of this feature and explore possible uses.

Going JAMstack with Netlify and Nuxt

JAMstack is a growing and modern web architecture. I gradually migrated several Nuxt.js projects from server side rendering over to JAMstack and write about my experiences, recommendations and the migration process itself.

Reacting to Promises from event listeners in Vue.js

Imagine that clicking on a component, would trigger a asynchronous request that returns a promise. How can you make the component aware of the promise’s current state? That’s exactly what Dobromir Hristov is exploring in this article. Interesting idea!

One year with Vue.js

Wondering how others have been using Vue? In this article Petr Stříbný is sharing his experience after using Vue for a year. There are some really inspiring conclusions like opting for a framework-agnostic validation library or creating a set of utility functions to be used within Vuex.

Working with Vuex in Your NativeScript-Vue Application

If you’re looking for an introduction to using Vuex with a NativeScript-based app, this one is for you.

Build a Beautiful Animated News App with Vue.js and Vuetify

A complete tutorial on how to build an animated news application using Vue.js with Vuetify that relies on the News API – a service that allows you to search worldwide news using an API.

Build an image classification app with NativeScript-Vue and Azure Custom Vision API

Here’s a pretty advanced tutorial that shows how to harnesses the power of the Azure Custom Vision API (which makes it possible to identify the objects on a picture) within a NativeScript-Vue app. The tutorial also explains how to use the camera package of NativeScript. Also, congrats on the first article Eduardo!


GitHub - baianat/hooper


🎠 A customizable accessible carousel slider optimized for Vue

GitHub - 14nrv/vue-form-json


Generate a vue form with validation and bulma style, from json

Vue Unicons


1000+ Pixel-perfect svg icons for your next project as Vue components