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134Tuesday, March 12, 2019
Improvements to SSR data-fetching in Vue 2.6, first recording from Vue.js Amsterdam, how to snapshot test and more


Great news for all server-side-rendering-enthusiasts out there! With Vue v2.6 the SSR data-fetching has been rewritten and now supports "pausing" during rendering, so that additional asynchronous data can be fetched. This opens the possibility to make requests not only in the route components, but in essentially any component that is being rendered. Check out the new guide. 🚀

Don’t go crazy though. Every request in a sequence increases the time before the page will be rendered, so keep that in mind.

By the way, in just 2 weeks, me, Gregg and Adam will be at VueConf.US in Tampa, Florida. Come and say hi to us! If you still don’t have your ticket there shameless plug you can get a $100 discount per ticket when using the VUEMASTERY100 code.

Btw. the first talk from Vue.js Amsterdam is here – Guillaume Chau with "Create a Vue CLI Plugin".


— Damian Dulisz & Phan An


Guillaume Chau - Create a Vue CLI Plugin

Talk from Vue.js Amsterdam 2019

#9: The power of Snapshot Testing

This week's VueDose tip from Alex Jover is about snapshot testing Vue with Vue Test Utils, the official testing library, and Jest. Oh by the way, if you're hungry for more information on testing in Vue, we strongly recommend these two books: Testing Vue.js Components with Jest also from Alex, and Testing Vue.js Applications from Edd Yerburgh, Vue Test Utils's author.

Vue.js - How to Build Your First Package & Publish It on NPM

In this article, Nada will walk you through authoring a Vue plugin from start to finish, down to the details. If you've been using Vue and now want to write your first plugin to give back to the community, this article is a must-read!

Hands-on Vue.js for Beginners (Part 1-7)

Learning a new framework can be a very daunting process for any developer, specially for one that is still learning the base language (in this case JavaScript). While Vue is well-known to be one of the most approachable frameworks out there, a hands-on course from an experienced developer like Marina will give you an even better head start.

Easiest Way to Implement Infinite Scroll in Vue.js

In case you're wondering, infinite scrolling is a UI technique that appends more content when the user scrolls to the end of the container (most likely the

element). You know, like Facebook or Twitter's newsfeed. In this article, Fayaz talks about implementing your own infinite scroll in Vue – turns out it's not nearly as complicated as it sounds!

Growth-Hack Your Career as a WIT

WIT stands for Woman in Tech. And who's better to talk about growth-hacking your career as a WIT than our lovely Jen, founder and CEO of Vue Vixens, the initiative that creates and hosts workshops to teach Vue.js to under-represented people? Believe me, this article is so well-written and full of solid advice – you don't want to miss it, no matter what your pronoun is!


GitLab - montag/vue-cli-plugin-gitlab-pages


Gitlab CI plugin for vue-cli This plugin generates a Gitlab CI config (gitlab-ci.yml) that will enable build, linting, unit testing and automatic deployment to Gitlab Pages.

GitHub - antonreshetov/vue-ssr-boilerplate


Vue SSR Boilerplate - Vuex & vue-router, server-side data pre-fetching, docker.