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135Tuesday, March 19, 2019
Vue-CLI v4.0 roadmap; Nuxt.js Fetch hook RFC, Creating a Spotify-powered Vue app and more!


Do you like the new Vue-CLI? Can we still call it new? Well if you do, you will probably like the incoming v4 even more, because it should open the way for plugins to run codemods when upgrading to a new version of a plugin. This should make updating your app dependencies so much easier and quicker. Here’s the v4.0 roadmap.

Make sure to read the new tutorial written by Cher Scarlett about building a Spotify-powered Vue app – one of the best articles I’ve seen in months! 🎧

There’s also a new RFC for introducing the Fetch hook in the upcoming 3.0 release of Nuxt.js. Read more about it here.

Also, FYI there’s a high chance we will be skipping next week issue due to VueConf.us. Come and say hi though if you’re there! 👋

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— Damian Dulisz


Roadmap for Vue-CLI v4.0

The Vue-CLI is getting close to a new major release (v4.0) with a few breaking changes. Biggest changes: update to webpack-chain v5 and an overhauled plugin API that allows for codemods when running vue upgrade.

What's New in vue-styleguidist 3.0

Vue-Styleguidist is a powerful tool that helps you develop your apps components in a controlled environment. The new version ships with several new features and this article explains them all. The features include: automatic type detection when using TypeScript and Flow, Class-style component declarations and several quality of live improvements.

VueDose #10 – Listen to lifecycle hooks on third-party Vue.js components

A quick tip on how to listen to lifecycle hooks of child components. Especially useful when working with 3rd party libraries. Keep in mind this does use an undocumented API and might change in the future.

Creating A Spotify-Powered App Using Nuxt.js

Now this is huge! Haven’t seen such a long and detailed tutorial in a while. Thought about building a music app powered by Spotify? Check out this article by Cher Scarlett, who walks you through the whole setup including server configuration and the Nuxt app. Amazing write-up.

So What’s New in Vue 2.6?

Vue v2.6 shipped with several new features and changes. Here’s a to-the-point article that sums up all those changes, along with examples where applicable.

Vue.js cheat sheet for beginners

Do you tend to look up the Vue docs every now and then when building apps just to make sure you’re using the API in the correct way? Or to remind yourself of the syntax? I do. :) Here’s a great cheat sheet that you can print and keep on your desk for quick lookup the moment you need it.

Using fully typed Vuex mutations with vuex-typescript

Here’s an interesting story on the experience you can achieve when using vuex-typescript. If you’re into TypeScript, you might want to read this one.

Building an Online Store with Vue CLI — Part 7

Here’s the 7th part of a tutorial on how to build an online store using Vue. If you’re looking for a tutorial that walks you through the whole process of building a Vue app – check out the series.

Working with Vuex in Your NativeScript-Vue Application - Now with Cats!

Do you remember the Tamagotchi? The portable-pet-device where your pet gets hungry over time and you have to play with it? Here, Raymond Camden explains how to work with Vuex to build a similar kind of application, where you have to take care of a cat, that gets periodically more hungry and less happy, unless you do something about it.


GitHub - syropian/vue-multiclick

Collin Henderson

A renderless Vue component for managing list item selection state.