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133Tuesday, March 5, 2019
#133: New RFC: Class based API; State of Vue.js 2019 report; Getting started with Gridsome and more!


how are you doing? Evan You has published a new request for comments regarding the introduction of native class API support. If you have any opinions on the topic, check out the RFC. Don’t worry though, this won’t affect the current object-based syntax. The change will however, make it unnecessary to use third party libraries like vue-class-component.

Do you remember the State of Vue.js? Monterail released it back in 2017, and this week they published an updated 2019 version with new interviews, case studies and an article by Evan You. Check it out.

Cheers, — Damian Dulisz


Class API proposal by yyx990803 · vuejs/rfcs · GitHub

Here’s a new proposal for introducing built-in support for authoring components as native ES2015 classes. Don’t worry though – the Object-syntax will still be available as it is right now.

The Updated State of Vue.js Report is here

State of Vue.js was crafted for developers and technology businesses interested in making educated decisions about adding Vue.js to their stack.

Vuelidate got a new home!

Vuelidate has a new home with a wholly new team to maintain it! Also, a new 2.0 rewrite is in progress. 🔥

Two less known facts about Vuex – VueDose

A short tutorial on how to use watch and subscribeAction methods of Vuex in order to handle side effects, integrate external code and extend your store in Vue.js applications

Sliding In And Out Of Vue.js

This article explores how to use different types of third-party libraries like Moment and jQuery alongside Vue. This can get pretty useful, especially if you’re migrating an existing app to Vue and can’t do that in one take. Being able to still use some of that jQuery code is one of the biggest advantages for those picking Vue.

Tracing or Debugging Vue.js Reactivity: The computed tree

Here’s a great article that goes in depth of how Vue’s reactivity system is working and how you can trace and debug how different properties depend on each other. This might help you understand how updating one property might affect

Getting Started with Gridsome

Gridsome is a powerful static-site generator that makes heavy use of GraphQL to fetch the data required for your website. This allows for incredible flexibility when it comes to building your website. In this article, Egwuenu Gift is explaining how it works, how to get started and even how to deploy it. Great write up!

One more example of abstract component in Vue.js

In this article, Michael Lelyakin shows how to leverage "abstract components" to encapsulate permission logic into one, reusable component. Abstract components, similar to renderless components, don’t render anything. Instead, modify the component that is passed into it.

How to Build Production-ready Vue Authentication

AWS Amplify is an extremely powerful service, that can be used – among other things – to provide authentication for your app. In this lengthy article, Nader Dabit explains how to build a complete, production-ready authentication module into your Vue application based on Amplify. If you consider using the service – this is a must read.

Vue.js with Constructor Pattern

Here’s an interesting approach to code reuse inside your component logic, that does not rely on mixins. Kamil’s approach uses JavaScript classes to create data structures to be used inside your component’s data. Truth be told, I still haven’t made my opinion on it, but I think it’s still a good idea to learn about it.

Mastering testing with Vue.js by testing a real application and setting up CI/CD

Do you remember the Vue.js Hackernews clone? Liron Navon decided to write a set of tests for it – both unit tests and e2e. Check out the article to learn more on how to set up testing, how to test and finally, how to set up a CI service to run the tests for you. Great read!

Celebrating a Milestone - Views on Vue 50th Episode

Views on Vue is one of my favorite podcasts (other than the Vue.js News podcast of course!). It’s created by Chris Fritz, Divya Sasidharan and Charles Max Wood with special guests depending on the episode. And now, they are now celebrating the 50th episode. 🎉 As part of the celebration, they are discussing their favorite episodes so far. If you are just starting with VoV, you might want to listen to this one to learn what is the show all about.

How to design and build a carousel feature in Vue.js

Carousels or sliders – the component has many names and is one of the most popular elements when building websites. Especially on mobile. But mobile also implies touch events and those aren’t all that easy to handle. Thankfully there is vue2-touch-events library and Fabian Hinsenkamp explains how to use it to build a mobile friendly slider component.