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142Wednesday, May 22, 2019
Nuxt v2.7.0 is out! 🎉 VueConfTO tickets on sale and first batch of speakers announced. 🇨🇦

Hello, Great news Nuxt fans! Nuxt v2.7 has been released and it comes with some pretty amazing improvements. For example, using a calling console.log inside your application during SSR will still show that console log in your browser! This should make debugging so much easier!

Also, the tickets for VueConfTO 2019 are finally on sale! The first batch of speakers has been announced and you can see them all on their new website!

Damian Dulisz


Vue-Router RFCs

Vue-Router might be receiving some breaking changes regarding the exact functionality in the coming release. Additionally router-link might finally get a scoped slot!

Check out the 3 new RFCs related to the router.

Vue DX – Slides

Want to learn the story behind some of the current tooling available for Vue like the Vue-CLI and what’s there to come? Check out the slides from the recent Vue.js Roadtrip Paris.

Implementing the Builder Pattern in Vue.js Part 1: Listings

Have you seen the recent talk by Jacob Schatz about design patterns? He mentions he Builder Pattern and here, Markus Oberlehner explores the idea and explainis how it can be useful in your apps.

Accessible Form Validation Messages with ARIA and Vue.js

Do you know that the validation errors in your forms might not be heard by screenreader users at all? In this amazing article by Peter Weil, you will learn how to relatively easily make your forms accessible using Vuelidate and ARIA attributes.

GraphQL course for Vue developers

Looking for a concise tutorial about GraphQL in Vue? Look no further since the good people in Hasura have written this guide which might take you up to 1-2 hours to complete (there’s so much content there).

An introduction to test-driven development with Vue.js

Test-driven development (TDD) is a process where you write tests before you write the associated code. Although the idea might sound easy at first, getting to the point of being able to actually know what tests to write takes a lot of planning. In this article Sarah Dayan will walk you through all the steps of a full TDD cycle, required to fully grasp the benefits of that methodology.

Tips on Unit Testing Vue Components with Jest

Now that you are into TDD, let’s focus on how to actually test different aspects of our components. Here, Achhunna Mali shares some very useful tips on the topic. Check it out!

Vue Functional Calendar — Modern calendar in your projects

Lightweight, high-performance calendar component based on Vue.js


GitHub - DCzajkowski/vue-emoji-picker


Very simple, yet powerful, vue emoji picker 🎉🔥🚀

GitHub - DCzajkowski/vue-pure-lightbox


Very simple lightbox plugin (without any dependencies) for Vuejs 🌅

GitHub - mdartic/vue-reactive-store


A declarative + reactive + centralized way to structure your Vue.js data. Inspired by VueX and Vue.js