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143Tuesday, May 28, 2019
All VueConf.US talks available; Vue 3.0: Abandoning the Class Syntax; What’s next for Nuxt?


I hope you had a great weekend!

Last week we had some pretty significant decisions made in the core team – namely to drop the Class API syntax for Vue 3.0. Don’t feel sad though, the TypeScript support will still be pretty amazing – we care about that a lot. And there are composition functions coming which introduction is something I look forward the most when it comes to Vue core.

Read this comment for more details.

If you’re still sad – all the talks from VueConf.US have been published – check them out. So much great content!

Also if you wonder, what’s there to come for Nuxt.js, there’s a great interview with Sebastien Chopin on exactly that.


Damian Dulisz


[Abandoned] Class API proposal by yyx990803 · vuejs/rfcs · GitHub

If you have been following the Vue’s RFCs you probably have seen the Class API syntax proposal to create Vue components using JS classes. However, after weeks long discussions, the core team decided to drop the Class syntax altogether. There are several reasons for that, which you can read in linked comment.

Don’t worry though, Vue 3.0 will still come with superb TypeScript support and a new, extremely powerful composition mechanism, currently dubbed composition functions. Dropping the class will also allow for smaller and more performant codebase.

All VueConf US Talks Now Posted

All 16 sessions talks plus 12 lightning talks are now free to watch on VueMastery.com.

What's new in Nuxt

What's new in Nuxt

Wondering what’s there to come in Nuxt.js? Sebastien Chopin talks about the changes in upcoming releases: Adding and removing modules in Nuxt CLI; Improved testing experience with Nuxt Test Utils using Puppeteer, Cypress & Jest; multiple worker usage during SSR and more!

Vue.js And SEO: How To Optimize Reactive Websites For Search Engines And Bots

If you’re concerned about having your webapp appear somewhere in the top 5 Google search results (and you probably should if you build a public facing app), you might want to take a look on this article. It covers some of the strategies to improve your SEO and some less popular traps that might accidentally hit your search position.

Debug VueJs Jest tests in vscode

Did you know that you can literally debug your tests inside your VS Code? I always forget about that, but I imagine this might be extremely useful, just throwing a debugger somewhere in a test and see what is happening right in your editor. Try it out!

7 Nuxt Tips Revisited

A year ago Jonas Galvez has written a series of 7 tips when working with Nuxt apps. Now as the framework as evolved, he’s revisiting those tips. Check them out. I’m personally interested in switching from the axios module to the new http module that uses native fetch.

Implementing the Builder Pattern in Vue.js Part 2: Forms

Last week we covered the 1st part of implementing the Building Pattern in Vue. Here’s the 2nd part, where Markus Oberlehner shows you how you can use it to build a dynamic form builder out of it. With validations! If you have numerous forms in your app that beg for a refactor – this is a must read.

Reading Client-Side Files for Validation with Vue.js

There are some use cases where you want to read or preview a file in your client app before sending it to your backend server. Here’s a short article how to do that with loading text files, but you can apply the same strategy to for example preview images.

That shouldn’t work! Oh, Vue binds all methods?

If you come from a heavy JavaScript background you might have had this WTF moment Jason Pettett mentions, when seeing the way how "this" behaves inside a Vue components and how different it is compared to how it’s suppose to behave normally.


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