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144Tuesday, June 4, 2019
Nuxt.js v2.8 is out ✨ Is Vue suddenly getting very mainstream? 🤷‍♂️ The Paradox of Abstraction and more!


I hope you had a great week. For us, the week was full or surprises. If you’re using Netflix, you might have seen a new series, where the main character is using Vue to build the web app to sell certain things online. And then, after the Apple conference, it turned out that the new SwiftUI Tutorials page is also using Vue for it’s interactive parts. Pretty rad!

Nuxt.js v2.8 has been released with some pretty cool new improvements.

Michael Thiessen has also written a great article how sometimes abstractions, when created too early, can cause you huge problems later on. This is especially important in the context of re-usability which is something what many developers strive to achieve.

Also, a huge shoutout to Ben Hong for his incredible help with this issue! Thank you! 💚

Damian Dulisz


The Paradox of Abstraction: When Good Code is Bad Code

You know that feeling when you're on top of the world because you have refactored all this code and abstracted all this logic into a few lines of code? Well it turns out there's a paradox with how valuable it is in the big picture. Michael Thiessen's post is a great reminder of how abstractions can be more harmful when we're not careful.

Building a Dynamic Tree Diagram with SVG and Vue.Js

Ever wonder how one might create a reactive tree diagram with SVG and Vue? Krutie Patel walks us through the process that displays characters from Guardians of the Galaxy that branch from a circle programmatically.

So What Actually is Vue.set?

After working with Vue for a bit, you will probably run into a situation where a data property you thought would be reactive is not. In this post, Marina Mosti goes over the Vue.set technique and why it's critical to grasp in order to fully harness reactivity in Vue.js.

Observable REST API with Vue.js

Since the Vue v2.6.0 release, Vue.observable has been used internally to create the reactive object returned by the data function, but most of us have never used it ourselves. In this post, Markus Oberlehner walks us through an example of a reactive polling example system for a REST API.

Quick Content Testing using Snapshots in Vue.js

Snapshot testing can be tough due to its often tight coupling with content and code. Content changes fail tests even though no code has changed. This useful tip from Eduardo San Martin Morote shows us how to use snapshot testing in Vue.js the right way and have consistent and coherent tests in your applications

Vuex Tutorial - Vuex Crash Course

If you have been meaning to learn about Vuex, YouTube user RakibTG has created a free crash course that goes over the basics of Vuex as well as namespaced modules.

Building a modal with Vue.js and Tailwind CSS

With the growing popularity of Tailwind CSS, it's no surprise that it was featured in a Laravel News post. No Laravel knowledge is required though! Just a desire to learn how one might build a modal with Tailwind CSS and Vue.

Why donations are important

Chances are pretty good that you are a fan of open source technology. In order for any open source project to be truly sustainable though, it needs to be supported financially in some way. In this post, Quasar writes about its thoughts on open source and the importance of donations.


GitHub - nickbasile/tailwind-vue-modal


A simple configurable modal component built with Vue.js and Tailwind CSS

GitHub - posva/vue-local-scope


🖇 Generate local scopes in templates to compute data from other scoped slots or simply to have variables in templates