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145Tuesday, June 11, 2019
Function-based Component API RFC; VuePress v1.x published and more!


probably the biggest RFC in Vue’s history has been published this week – the function-based component API. It’s a huge step towards better composability and type inference, though it also comes with some necessary sacrifices. Make sure to read it and join the discussion if you’d like to provide some additional feedback.

VuePress 1.x stable release is here! There are some very important differences and improvements compared to 0.x, so make sure to read the introduction article by ULIVZ.


— Damian Dulisz


VuePress 1.x Released!

The VuePress v1.x release has finally got out of beta! What’s the difference compared to v0.x? Mostly the much more powerful theming system, a build in blog theme and a plugin system. Check it out!

NuxtJS: From Terminal to Browser

If you missed last weeks Nuxt.js release, here’s a short article that highlights one of the most important changes – being able to use the browser console to see all the console.logs that would normally only show up in the terminal (when doing SSR). Already tried that feature and love it! Makes debugging SSR code so much easier.

Triggering events from Vue Router views

Last week, we mentioned a tweet by Dan Vega that highlighted the fact that you can listen to events emitted by route-level components. If you’d like to read some more explanation on why this is possible (and what more) check out this follow-up article!

Build An Intersection Observer Directive In Vue

Intersection Observer is a pretty powerful browser API, which still stays rather exotic. It allows you to react to DOM elements when they become visible inside the viewport, for example when you scroll down. This for example, allows you to lazy load images or async components only when they are needed. Read this article to learn more how you can build a directive that makes use of it.

Build Decoupled Vue.js Applications with Hooks

If you’re using some kind of analytics tools, you might want to decouple your actual app logic from the tracking itself. To accomplish this, Markus Oberlehner suggest a solution based on hooks. It’s a rather uncommon pattern in Vue, but might prove to be very powerful when done correctly.

How to Build a Group Chat App with Vue.js

Here’s a tutorial that explains how to create a group chat application using PubNub – a Publish/Subscribe service that takes care of the server infrastructure to for building real-time applications.


GitHub - wokes/Laravel-Vue-SPA-template


Template for Single Page Applications built with Laravel and Vue.