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146Tuesday, June 18, 2019
Vue.js London Workshop tickets are on sale! How to upgrade your VuePress site and more!


Great news for everyone in Europe looking for some quality Vue workshops. Vue.js London has announced 6 awesome workshops to take place on Saturday, October 5th, the day after the conference.

I feel that recently Raymond Camden and Markus Oberlehner have both become our newsletter’s most recurring authors so I’d like to give them a huge shout-out for all the hard work they are putting each week for us! I think everyone agrees when I say – you two are amazing! 🎉 Thank you!


Damian Dulisz


How To Upgrade Your VuePress Site To v1.0

Now that VuePress v1.0 has been officially released, it’s a great moment to start thinking about upgrading your old VuePress code to the next version. Although there’s an official migration guide, this article collects everything you will probably need to successfully migrate your page including most popular plugins.

Use Fragments to Avoid Obsolete GraphQL Fields in Vue.js Applications

Another great article by Markus Oberlehner! If you ever struggled with not being sure which parts of the GraphQL query your child components are actually using you might want to read this one. Markus proposes the use of GraphQL Fragments exported by the child components themselves so that you can use them to construct one, unified query in the parent component, thus making sure you satisfy all the data requirements of your child components.

Reading Image Sizes and Dimensions with Vue.js

Building on top of his previous article about validating uploaded files on the front-end side, in this post Raymond is showing how get the size and dimensions of an uploaded image. This can come very handy if you want to enforce different kinds of rules on the uploaded images, without having to send it to the backend first.

From JSX to Vue: my favorite templating tips

If you’re still new to Vue and maybe coming from a React background you might find several useful template-related tips in here. Even if you use Vue on a daily basis it might be a good idea to take a quick look at the article just to make sure you know all the tricks!

A beginner-friendly guide to unit testing the Vue.js application

Here’s another great introduction to get yourself into unit testing your Vue.js apps. It walks you through the basic setup for both Jest and Vue Test Utils and shows several techniques so you can start testing different elements of your app right away.


tiptap – a renderless rich-text editor for Vue.js


*This editor is based on [Prosemirror](https://prosemirror.net/), fully extendable and renderless. You can easily add custom nodes as Vue components.*



Vue powered agnostic SPA front-end for your old fashioned Blog and E-commerce site.