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147Tuesday, July 2, 2019
Vue Function API discussion, VueAndWine workshosp and VueCamp!

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If you are still worried about the recent function API RFC – please don’t! We heard your feedback and we’re grateful for it! 🙌 Please know that there are no plans to ever deprecate the object-based API. We’re also working on a new RFC and on a more high-level article to answer some of your concerns. Stay tuned!

It’s also worth mentioning that every RFC (i.e. Request For Comments) is just us asking you for feedback on an idea and is never something set in stone. You can also propose your ideas the same way.

Now back to the news – there will be a VueCamp Berlin this October for which I’m super excited. Contrary to typical conferences, this event allows everyone to share their ideas, give a talk or a workshop. You can read more about it here.

Also, if you have been looking for a series of amazing Vue workshops – take a look at Vue and Wine. It’s a 3-days long series of workshops, lead by none other than Natalia Tepluhina, Darek "Gusto" Wędrychowski and Nicolò Maria Mezzopera. The dates are September 27-29th.


Damian Dulisz


VueCamp: Vue.js Barcamp Berlin

VueCamp: Vue.js Barcamp Berlin

Experience two thrilling days of learning, community and contribution. A barcamp is not just another passive listening conference. Instead, you and everyone else is asked to share their ideas, lead a workshop or give a talk.

Amendment proposal to Function-based Component API · Issue #63

There has been quite a push-back recently around the Function-based Component API, that was proposed a few weeks ago. You have been heard – we’ve received lots of great feedback. As we’re working on a new, revamped RFC and a more high-level article, you can read the short amendment to the previous RFC.

Keep in mind that RFC stands for Request For Comment – which means those were never things that could be declared “decided”. It’s a way to gather feedback on the proposed idea. And to make sure this is clear – there are no plans to EVER deprecate the object-options API!

Why every Vue developer should be excited by Quasar 1.0

After five years in development and the participation of thousands of contributors, Quasar Framework's founder Razvan Stoenescu announces the 1.0 stable release. In the article, he describes the challenges that inspired him to create Quasar and the many ways that it helps Vue developers to write faster and target all the major platorms for apps - all from the same codebase.

Vue's Darkest Day

Going back to the Vue 3.0 RFC outcry – here’s a pretty great write-up that summarizes the proposed changes and how those could affect the future of building Vue components. I think the article should give you a pretty decent look at all the benefits of an API like this, with no drawbacks – since the API is fully additive – no breaking changes, no need to rewrite your code.

What does the Vue function API feel like

Here’s another great article on the proposed function API. And here, you can even try it out yourself, since the author has created a working proof of concept of the new features using the existing Vue.js v2.6 API. Pretty impressive, but definitely not something you should use in your app. Still, it can help you grasp the bigger idea of what’s possible.

3 Key Insights from Vue’s new functional API RFC

And the last article focused on Vue 3.0. Here, instead of going deep into the possible implementation, Kevin Ball shares his 3 insights that touch more on the general direction and how Vue would fit in the overall landscape of modern front-end frameworks. Great read!

Vue without View - An Introduction to Renderless Components

Have you already had the time to learn renderless components? That is components that don’t render anything at on it’s own, but work as a way to abstract complex logic and provide it along with some data to whatever is passed to the component’s slot. Well, if you haven’t here’s another great article on the topic!

How to use cookies in VuePress

Do you like cookies? Do you like cookies on your websites? Do you want to use cookies on your VuePress site but don’t know how? Here’s Dan Vega to explain how to use them properly.

In Vue, When Do I Actually Need the :key Attribute and Why?

There are some tricks around using the :key attribute in Vue that go beyond just using it for v-for loops. If you’d like to learn more on that – check out the new article by Marina Mosti.

What is VueFront?

Have you heard about VueFront (not mistaken with Vue-Storefront)? It’s a project that allows you to extend your CMS like Wordpress or Magento (using a corresponding plugin) to be able to easily connect it to VueFront-based Single-Page Application.

Vue.js functional components: what, why, and when?

Ever heard of functional components in Vue? They are not all that popular, since almost everything a functional component can do, can be done with a regular one. Though, functional components do provide some extra performance in some cases and work great for building reusable compositions. Take a look at this article to learn more about them.

Migrating from Vuetify to Quasar

If you ever thought about migrating your app to Quasar, here’s an interesting story of how it could look like.

10 Things You Should Know Before Writing Your Next Vuejs Component

And lastly, a collection of tips around writing and managing Vue components. Take a quick look and see if there’s something you didn’t know.


GitHub - jamesdruhan/vue-jd-table


An advanced and flexible Vue.js 2.x component for displaying data tables.