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155Wednesday, August 28, 2019
Vue Community Guide is finally out! New releases: Vue-CLI v4.0-rc.0 and VeeValidate v3.0!


When I first heard about the Vue Community Guide idea during the Vue.js Amsterdam conference I got really excited about it. A place where beginners could easily learn to navigate the vast Vue ecosystem, including the UI frameworks, available tooling and places where they can learn and receive help from other Vue developers. And now it’s finally done! You can read the introduction post here.

Also, the Vue-CLI v4.0 has reached the release candidate stage and now comes with a new docs. Give it a try!

VeeValidate v3.0 has been released! 🎉 It’s a complete re-write and comes with a lot improvements and quite a few breaking changes. Read the announcement article to learn more about the changes.

Damian Dulisz


Vue-Community – The community guide to Vue.js

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the sheer size of the Vue ecosystem? Which tools to pick, where to look for help and quality learning materials? The Vue Community Guide is aimed to help devs, both novice and experienced, by giving them a summarized and categorized source of information. Read the "The Developer's Guide to the Vue Ecosystem" written by the Vue-Community creator Dobromir Hristov for more info.

Release v4.0.0-rc.0 · vuejs/vue-cli · GitHub

The new version (4.0) of the Vue-CLI has reached the release candidate phase! Check the release notes or take a look at the new docs that have been made available.

VeeValidate 3.0 Released

VeeValidate is one of the most popular validation libraries dedicated to Vue. I’m super excited to let you know that the 3.0 version has been released with complete TypeScript support and better DX. Some of the breaking changes include the deprecation of the directive. Instead you will have to use a provider component.

8 Upcoming Vue Vixens Workshops

The Vue Vixens initiative is gaining a lot of momentum this year. 🦊 If you have been looking for a chance to join one of their workshops, there are 8 upcoming events this year.

Vue.js Powered Data Model and Query Builder

As you might know from the Vue docs, a Vue component doesn’t necessarily need to render anything and instead can be used as a simple state management tool that gives us access to both reactive state and computed properties. In this advanced article, Markus Oberlehner shows how you can build data models using a Vue component instance to decouple managing of your data from your view components.

How to avoid SOLID principles violations in Vue. JS application

Have you heard about SOLID? SOLID is acronym created by Michael Feathers and promoted by American software engineer Robert C. “Uncle Bob” Martin in his book “Design Principles and Design Patterns”. In this article, Manu Ustenko goes through the 5 principles and explains how those apply to Vue components.


Vue File Agent


Full featured drag & drop enabled Vue file upload component with previews and upload progress