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161Wednesday, October 16, 2019
Vue-CLI 4.0 released! VuePress v1.2 Released! Awesomejs.dev for Vue packages!

Hello Vuegazers,

I’m very happy to let you know that Vue has just passed the magical 150k stargazers on GitHub. Remember to put on your sunglasses when the new shiny Vue release ships. 😎

Speaking of new releases – the Vue-CLI v4.0 stable is finally here! Read the release notes here. There’s also a migration guide from v3. Why would you migrate? The new release comes with updated versions of core-js, jest, workbox-webpack-plugin and many more, improving the support for PWAs and testing experience. It also comes with some additional functionalities for plugin authors as well as support for other package managers.

VuePress v1.2.0 has also been released this week and comes with several new improvements. Most notably, you can now use async functions inside the vuepress config file.

Do you know Vue Curated? It’s a platform to search for curated Vue packages, but it has been recently deprecated in favor of awesomejs.dev also created by Guillaume Chau. Check it out, as it already includes several catalogs for packages dedicated to Vue, Nuxt, Vue-CLI, VuePress and Gridsome.


Damian Dulisz


Release 1.2.0 · vuejs/vuepress · GitHub

"Async function as config" and "smooth scroll" are the main new features. Additionally navbar dropdown links will have better accessibility.

Release @quasar/app-v1.2.0 · quasarframework/quasar · GitHub

It's here! Official support for Capacitor in Quasar CLI. And many enhancements to Cordova mode as well. The docs have been refined in this area.

[Editor's Cut] Live coding: The new Composition API - Vue.js London

Here’s an extremely entertaining video from Jason Yu’s talk at Vue.js London, where he uses the Vue’s incoming Composition-API to build a piano app. With sounds. In the browser.

VueJS: Up and running with the Vue CLI 3

If you are just starting and you are looking for an introduction to using the Vue-CLI, Dan Vega has you covered with this video tutorial.

How to setup Nuxt with TypeScript

TypeScript is becoming quite popular in the Vue world and this includes Nuxt.js applications. Check out this video to learn how to set up a new Nuxt app with TypeScript.

Unit Testing in Vue: Your First Test

New to testing? Check out this quick intro to unit testing Vue components with Jest by Dan Vega.

Forcing Re-computation of Vue's computed properties

Computed properties are one of my favorite features of Vue, although the way they work internally might not be clear on the first sight. In this article, Abdelrahman is exploring several ways of how you can force Vue to recompute a specific computed property on demand. On a side note – you probably shouldn’t be doing this unless you really need it.

Dynamic Vue.js CRUD Applications

The term CRUD stands for "create, read, update and delete" and is usually used to describe actions you can perform on a persistence layer like Vuex. This often ends up with a lot of repetitive code where the only variable is the resource it manages. In this article, Markus shows how you can use dynamic Vuex modules and a JSON schema to generate a fully functioning CRUD.

Faster Web Applications with Vue 3

Want to be ahead of the optimization game? Vue 3 will bring some pretty good performance boosts and we already have a glimpse of them. Follow Filip and his rundown of the changes Vue 3 will go through, to make your apps faster. A note from Evan You though – the time slicing feature is on hold for now.

Cropping images with Vue.js and Cropper.js

Cropper.js is a powerful library that handles image cropping of images. In this tutorial Víctor Adrián is showing how you can use it with Vue.js.


GitHub - galvez/vue-stator


Vuex alternative based on Vue.observable()

Vue ss-select


Stylable searchable select component for VueJS. This component is renderless so you are free to customize it how you need to!

The ultimate static generated documentation theme for the JAM-stack


A theme for static site documentation based on Gridsome, ready to deploy to Netlify in one click.