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160Thursday, October 10, 2019
Vue.js 3.0 source code is now public! Learn more about the upcoming changes;


I’m happy to tell you that the Vue.js 3.0 source code has been made public and is now in the pre-alpha stage! 🔥 You can now take a peek at the beautiful TypeScript codebase and watch it grow every week until we are ready to ship.

Speaking of Vue 3.0 – there’s a great repo by LinusBorg with several demos of how we will be able to use the Composition API. Make sure to check it out!

Also, Vueconf.US Early Bird sale ends on October 13th – it’s probably the last chance to save $200 so don’t miss it if you plan on joining the event!


Damian Dulisz


Vueconf.US Early Bird Ends October 13

This is the LAST WEEK to get EARLY BIRD PASSES for Vueconf.US. Immerse yourself in the amazing community that is vuejs. Why pay more? Sign up this week!

Why the Composition API - Vue 3 Essentials

The killer feature of Vue 3 is the Composition API, but why exactly is it needed and what problems does it solve for us? — Gregg Pollack answers this question in this well visualized introduction to the new API.

Vue 3 – A roundup of infos about the new version of Vue.js

By now you're probably aware we're getting a shiny new version of Vue. Until the release of Vue 3, we want to collect all valuable infos and resources in this article for you, so you'll be up-to-date.

LinusBorg/composition-api-demos: A Vue.js app demonstarting various use cases for the new composition API

Thorsten has prepared a set of examples demonstrating several use cases for the upcoming composition-API. Make sure to take a look to see how different problems can be solved using the new API.

#25: The most modern Carousel component using CSS Scroll Snap and Vue.js

Here’s a pretty neat tutorial on how to build a carousel component with Vue and a new CSS property called scroll-snap.

Big Giant Vue Apps

Architecting a very large application isn’t an easy task, especially if it consists of apps dedicated for multiple platforms – in one repo. If you’d like to learn how Jacob has solved this problem, check out this article.

Decouple Vue.js components from the Vuex Store

Markus is back with another advanced article. This time about decoupling your components from the Vuex store by introducing an additional layer of abstraction – providers. Before you jump on the idea though, make sure to read the wrap up at the end of the article.

Nuxt + TypeScript + Apollo: a bumpy road

Nuxt with TypeScript and Apollo – sounds like an amazing stack to work with. But is it really? Read this article and find out! Such a bait description, I know!

How to integrate Infinite Loading with Gridsome

Infinite loading is an alternative strategy for loading additional nodes/content onto a page without the use of traditional pagination. Infinite loading instead loads the next batch of content when a user scrolls to the bottom of a web page.


GitHub - vuejs/vue-next


The pre-alpha of next version of Vue.js,

GitHub - ycmjason/vue-composition-chat


POC of how Vue's Reactivity API can be used on server side.