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170Saturday, January 4, 2020
🎆 Happy New Year! 🎉 New Nuxt.js version and tons of articles!


have you missed me? As you might have noticed (though I hope you did not and have had some relaxing, off-work holidays instead), I have been on a holiday break from the newsletter. But now I’m back!

As for the news – there’s a new version of Nuxt.js – v2.11.0. Also, the results from the State of JavaScript 2019 are here. Once again Vue scores very high when it comes to developer satisfaction.

Btw, did you know that our newsletter has now more than 20,000 subscribers?! Thank you a lot! 🚀

Happy Vue Year! 🎉

— Damian Dulisz


Release v2.11.0 · nuxt/nuxt.js · GitHub

New release of Nuxt.js, which includes multiple bug fixes as well as several new improvements like migrating to the new Vue-Router v3.1.x.

The State of JavaScript 2019: Front End Frameworks

Results from the State of JavaScript 2019 survey are here. See how Vue compares to other frameworks.

Vue.js With TypeScript A Beginners Guide

TypeScript and Vue are a great combination, but how do you use it? In this video I'll discuss how to use TypeScript and Vue with Vue.extend and look at the class component architecture.

This Month in Vue - December 2019

Here’s a summary of all the great things Vue from December prepared by the great folks from VueMastery.

Off Main Thread Architecture with Vuex

Such an interesting article! Have you thought about moving parts of your Vuex store to a web worker and thus off the main thread? This could improve the overall performance of your application, especially if you execute some expensive, blocking tasks in your store. Check out the difference between the demo pages in the article.

Vue.js Performance - Optimizing third-party libraries

Vue.js is generally very performant and small, but that might not be true about all the other packages that you use in your app. In this article, Filip Rakowski explains how to define a performance budget, compare how different libraries affect the performance and load time (using Bundlephobia) and optimize your imports.

Accessible form error auto-focus with Vuelidate in Vue

Looking for an easy way to improve the user experience of your forms? And make them more accessible as a bonus? In this article, Marina Mosti shows a technique that helps with all that by communicating errors to screen readers and auto-focus fields with errors when you try to submit a form. Pretty neat!

Lazy Resolving Observable API Services with Vue.js

Another interesting article by Markus Oberlehner. This time, Markus shows us how to build a lazy API service that allows us to automatically fetch resources that we need, but only when we need them based on actions like scrolling into view.

Vue Testing Crash Course

Here’s a lengthy article that makes for a nice introduction to writing tests for your Vue components.

An Overview of Vue Keep-Alive

When using dynamic components or even when toggling components using v-if, Vue’s Keep-Alive abstract component and prove super helpful as it will automatically keep the state of that component when it is being removed from view. This way, when the component comes back, it will still have that state.


GitHub - antfu/vueuse


🧰 Collection of essential Vue Composition API utils works for Vue 2.x and 3.x

GitHub - gs-shop/vue-slick-carousel


🚥 Carousel with ⚡SSR + ✨Features written for faster Luxstay

GitHub - yoyo930021/vc2c


The vc2c project can convert vue class APIs to vue composition APIs in Vue.js components written in Typescript.