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171Monday, January 13, 2020
Try out Vue 3.0-alpha now; GraphQL with Composition-API? Check out Vue-Apollo v4 and Villus and more!


I have some pretty great news for you! Have you already tried running Vue 3.0-alpha build? That wasn’t that easy up until recently. But now we have vue-cli-plugin-vue-next! 🔥

This makes it as easy as adding a new plugin to your Vue-CLI based app. It takes care of configuring the webpack to use a new .vue files compiler. Certainly not something you should do on production, but if you would like to try things like Proxy-based reactivity or Suspense – this is probably the best way to do that.

Working with GraphQL and Apollo will most likely got even better once Vue 3.0 is released. Natalia Tepluhina has written a great article that shows how to migrate a Vue-Apollo v3 app to v4, which uses composition-API. But if you don’t need all of Apollo, you can also take a look at Villus – a tiny GraphQL client created by Abdelrahman Awad.

Also, if you happen to struggle with unit tests in Vue, there is a chance you might find the needed answers in the Vue Testing Handbook by Lachlan Miller! Make sure to take a look!


Damian Dulisz


GitHub - vuejs/vue-cli-plugin-vue-next

Would you like to try Vue 3.0-alpha version? Now to make it easier, there is a Vue CLI plugin to make this as easy as it gets – just run Vue UI and select the vue-next plugin to be installed in your app! That’s all.

Announcing Villus - A tiny and fast GraphQL Client for Vue.js

Interested in using GraphQL but without all the bells and whistles that come with Apollo? Well, Abdelrahman Awad got you covered! He just created a 3kb minimalistic GraphQL client with some staple features like reactive queries. It also makes use of the upcoming Composition API.

Quasar v1.7.0 released!

New: Svg icons and icon sets & novelties for QCard, Cookies, QVideo.

Additionally, if you missed the previous v1.6 release, there is a new component called QSkeleton.

5 Conference talks published

5 talks have been published from last year’s VueConf Toronto including talks by Eduardo San Martin Morote, Natalia Tepluhina, Alex Kyriakidis, John Leider and Evan You.

9 Conference talks published

Apparently Connect.Tech 2019 had plenty of Vue related talks. 9 of them are available to watch. Make sure to check them out!

Vue Apollo v4: the first look

Are you a fan of GraphQL and Apollo? Here’s a quick look into the upcoming Vue-Apollo v4.0, which introduces the ability to work with Apollo using the Vue 3.0 Composition-API. To showcase the new API, Natalia is migrating an app that uses the previous version of Vue-Apollo (v3) to the new syntax.

Vue Testing Handbook

Most likely the go-to place for everything related to unit-testing in Vue! This includes a guide on how to test Vuex and even the upcoming Composition-API. Amazing work by Lachlan Miller!

New Features and Design Principles of Vue 3.0 - Evan You at VueConf Toronto

Bruno Couriol has written a summary from a recent talk by Evan You on the design principles behind Vue 3.0. If you haven’t seen the talk yet or simply prefer the written form – check it out.

Yet Another Damn ToDo App in Vue.js

Yet another tutorial by Raymond Camden. And a ToDo app. Haven’t we had enough of those? Maybe, but this one comes with a nice twist – it shows how to nicely integrate IndexedDB with Vuex and this alone makes it a worthwhile read!


Vue Component Development Kit


The Vue Component Development Kit is a set of low-level components, mixins and utilities that act as a foundation for other component libraries and applications. Kickstart your project with a well-tested, incrementally adoptable and minimally invasive framework. Everything that is part of Vue Component Development Kit solves an actual problem that you may stumble upon sooner or later.

GitHub - logaretm/villus


A tiny and fast GraphQL client for Vue.js.

GitHub - Ideea-inc/vipfs


Vue.js + IPFS = VIPFS. Create unstoppable applications

GitHub - antonreshetov/massCode


A free and open source code snippets manager for developers.