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175Sunday, February 16, 2020
Vue.js: The Documentary (Trailer) 🔥; Quasar v1.9.0 released; Interview with Eduardo

Hi everyone, how's it going? It's An here again, amid some of the most busy days in his life so far. It is of utmost importance though, that we share the latest news and articles on Vue with you folks, so here it is: Issue #175 of Vue.js News! In this issue you'll find a trailer for the upcoming documentary on Vue (I can't contain my excitement right now), an interview with one of our core members (Eduardo a.k.a. posva!), and as usual, some hand-picked tutorials and libraries. Enjoy!


An Phan


Vue.js: The Documentary (TRAILER)

Well, what do you know! The amazing folks at Honeypot.io have created a documentary dedicated to our beloved framework and shared with us a sneak peek. In this trailer you'll meet Vue's creator and BDFL Evan You (in his glorious slippers!), core members Thorsten Lünborg, Sarah Drasner, Jingjian Zhao, and Gu Yiling, as well as other famous tech people like the one and only Taylor Otwell – I doubt he needs an introduction. Be sure to check out the full documentary which is set to be released this February 24th!

Quasar v1.9.0 released!

Quasar Framework, the popular Vue-based framework to build websites, PWA, SSR, Mobile and Desktop apps, is now at v1.9.0 with a lot of new features and bug fixes. If you're a user of the framework, you don't want to miss this update!

An interview with Eduardo

Our core team member Eduardo San Martin Morote (or @posva as he's arguably better known as) got interviewed by Tim Benniks and shared quote some interesting stuff! For example, did you know he speaks two mother tongues, French and Spanish? Or that he's committing 50% of his time for Vue and has a Patreon? Or the incredible fact that he looks almost identical to Matthew Broderick in his heyday? (OK, it was actually me who discovered this, but still).

Episode #3; VV Day, DevRel & More with Jen Looper

Check out the new episode of Enjoy The View podcast, this time with special guest Jen Looper from the amazing Vue Vixens talking about the upcoming Vue Vixens Day happening in Austin, March 5th (just after VueConf.us), Vue Vixens in general and more!

Reactivity: Vue 2 vs. Vue 3

If you've been following the news, you should know by now that reactivity in Vue 3 will be (or has been) written with Proxy instead of Object.defineProperty. In this article, Marina walks us through both of these techniques and explains why proxies are the better deal.

Binding CSS Variables in Vue

CSS variables are awesome – if you don't have to support IE11, that is. This article, neatly written by Shayne, will show you how to do CSS variables binding in Vue and why it can be useful, with examples and all. Great stuff if you ask me.

Data Fetching Using Vue Hooks

Composition API (sometimes referred to as "hooks," though we'd discourage using this name to avoid any confusion with Instance Lifecycle Hooks) is certainly one of the most anticipated new feature in Vue 3, if not the most anticipated itself. In this article, Darren takes the most commonly-seen feature of a web app – fetching data – and shows us how it can be written with composition API, additionally with the use of swrw.

Mastering Volatile Docs Through Automation

We all know that for the success of software, documentation is extremely important. What you might not know yet, though, is how to keep always docs up to date through the constant changes of your project. If you're interested, Eduard from Storefront UI shares some valuable pieces of experience on the topic – be sure to have a read!


GitHub - Kong/swrv


Stale-while-revalidate data fetching for Vue.

GitHub - noahlh/celestite


Beautifully reactive, server-side rendered Vue & Svelte apps w/ a Crystal backend.