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176Thursday, February 27, 2020
🎉 Vue.js: The Documentary is here! VueConf.TO and Vue London announced; Using state machines with Vue and more!


What a week it was! Sorry for skipping last week news – I’ve had so much fun at Vue.js Amsterdam (check out some of the photos here) and truth be told, I’m still recovering from that trip. If you haven’t been there this year, make sure you get there next year. Amazing conference experience! 🎉

As for me, I will be seeing you at VueConf.us next week! There are still a few tickets left if you haven’t made your mind yet.

Speaking of conferences: both VueConf Toronto and Vue.js London have announced their upcoming conferences.

If you’d like to learn more about the rise of Vue.js, there Vue.js Documentary is finally here! Check it out! Truly inspiring!

I’d also would like to thank Storyblok for becoming the newest sponsor of this newsletter and my open-source work! Thank you! 💚

Stay safe everyone and have great week!

Damian Dulisz


Vue.js: The Documentary

Vue.js: The Documentary

What began as a side project of a Google developer now shares the JS leaderboard with #React and #Angular... With the help of Sarah Drasner, Taylor Otwell, Thorsten Lünborg and many others from the Vue.js community, Evan You tells the story of how he fought against the odds to bring #Vuejs to life.

Episode #5: Productivity Tools, Workflows & Tabs vs Spaces

One of the things we love most as developers are our tools! In this episode, we talk about some of our favorite productivity tools, debate the merits of different keyboard layouts, how we work as developers and more. And yes, we even tackle the infamous tabs vs spaces debate.

The #4 episode with Divya Sasidharan about JAMstack, MCing conferences and Vuex is also available here.

Using State Machines in Vue.js with XState

While state machines used to be an obscure model for the front-end world, it has gained quite some traction lately, mostly thanks to XState. Instead of defining imperative UI flows, and lose track of their logic, state machines make them first-class citizens by letting you model them decoratively. They’re the closest thing to an actual flowchart, which is how a product manager or a UI designer would likely design the experience of a product. XState works within any JavaScript and TypeScript project, including Vue.

Vue.js 3 Course - Composition API, TypeScript, Testing

Vue.js 3 gives us two new tools - the Composition API and first class TypeScript support. In this screencast, we refactor the News component, which is written in JavaScript and the Options API, to TypeScript and the Composition API. We see and discuss the trade-offs, and try to decide which language and tool is more appropriate for the job.

Getting started with Vue.js Testing: Your Resource Guide

A great collection of most of all the available resources to learn how to test Vue.js based applications.

Recreating Vue 3 Reactivity API (roughly)

An article inspired by the talk Jason Yu has given last year that shows how to build a Vue 3.0-like Reactivity API. The difference though, is that in this attempt Jason is actually using TypeScript (unlike during the talk). Really good read!

#31: Create a i18n Plugin with Composition API in Vue.js 3

A example on how to use the inject and provide functions to create a i18n plugin using Composition API in Vue.js 3.

How To Build A Plugin With Gridsome

In this tutorial, we go through the process of building a Gridsome Source Plugin for ButterCMS from scratch. Gridsome allows us to fetch data from local files or external APIs and headless CMS and store the data in a GraphQL layer that lets us extract only the data we need and use it our Vue.js components.

When To Use The New Vue Composition API (And When Not To)

The new Vue 3 composition API was created to address scaling issues with the options API. But is it still useful in smaller apps?

The Ultimate Nuxt API Setup

Although Nuxt ships with a built-in connect-based Node server you can replace it with any solution that you’d like and use Nuxt only as a rendering middleware. In this article, Jonas Galvez explores a setup where he uses Fastify to build the API part of a Nuxt app.




🐣️ The app that makes your #devlife easier.

@xstate/vue | XState Docs


XState is a library for creating, interpreting, and executing finite state machines and statecharts, as well as managing invocations of those machines as actors. The following fundamental computer science concepts are important to know to make the best use of XState, and in general for all your current and future software projects.

GitHub - mayank091193/quasar-admin-crm


A free and beautiful Quasar template for CRM needs. This template also includes a variety of features that are required for admin template needs.