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177Wednesday, March 18, 2020
Updated Vue.js Roadmap; Vuex v4.0.0-alpha.1 has been released; Kia King Ishii join the core team; Nuxt v2.12 released; Videos from Vue.js Amsterdam 2020 are here!

Hi there,

it’s been a while since the last issue and I’m terribly sorry about that. The last few weeks have been really high on anxiety with all that’s been going on right now in the world. I hope you are all safe and healthy! 💚

There are some good news though! First of all, lets congratulate Kia King Ishii on joining the Vue.js core team! 🎉 He has been doing an incredible job building vuex-orm and will now focus on working on the next versions of Vuex.

Speaking of which – Vuex v4.0.0-alpha.1 has just been released! This is the version of Vuex that will work with Vue 3.0 but keep the familiar API you know from the current version.

Wait, there’s more – Nuxt.js v2.12 is here! Among multiple changes it introduces a new fetch hook that allows you to fetch asynchronous data during SSR in any component that is being rendered (not just /pages components). 🔥 To sweeten it up, the Nuxt team also added support for TypeScript in create-nuxt-app v2.15!

Finally something to keep you busy during the likely extended stay at home: Vue.js Amsterdam have released almost 30 talks from the recent conference. You can watch the talks here with new ones added every other day.

And tomorrow (March 19) – you can join an online meetup with Chris Fritz and Rahul Kadyan organised by This Dot: Media.

Stay safe and see you next week!

Damian Dulisz


Vue.js – Updated Roadmap

As we are getting closer to the Vue.js release, here is the updated roadmap! TL;DR; The beta release should be ready by the end of Q1 with the RC release being available around mid Q2. Most of the crucial tooling should also be mostly finished by around Q2.

Change active and exact-active behavior for router-link by posva · Pull Request #136 · vuejs/rfcs · GitHub

The RFCs of Vue core usually get more traction than those of supporting tools like the Vue-Router. Here’s a very important decision to be made for the future of our official router package and your voice matters. Please read it and leave your vote using 👍 /👎 or contribute to the discussion.

Episode #6: May the Forms be with You (feat. Marina Mosti)

This episode features a new guest Marina Mosti, author of the book "Build Forms with Vue.js." We get the opportunity to chat about forms in Vue, her writing process and her journey as a developer and educator.

This Dot: Online Vue Meetups

This Dot’s online meetups are an amazing opportunity for developers, and enthusiasts alike, to engage with the global tech community no matter where they are in the world!

Upcoming Meetup – March, 19 2020, 15:30 PM (EST) with Chris Fritz and Rahul Kadyan!

Vue.js Amsterdam 2020 Conference Talks

Vue.js Amsterdam was a total blast and finally we have most of the talks (almost 30) already available online. Make sure to watch – there is a lot of great content there.

Vue.js 3 Course - Composition API, TypeScript, Testing

Take a look at what I consider to be best practices when writing tests for Vue components. We will also take a sneak-peak at the new version of Vue Test Utils, built in TypeScript for Vue 3.0, and some of the new features.

Building a Reusable Pagination Component in Vue.js

In this course, we'll be building a reusable Pagination Component. It will let the user: select the number of results per page; navigate to pages both directly and with 'next' and 'previous' buttons, and track their queries between page reloads via query params.

How to Build Vue Components in a WordPress Theme

Progressive enhancement is a feature of Vue that is not mentioned often, yet is one of the biggest strengths of the framework when it comes to adoption in large, already existing applications. It opens the way to progressively introduce Vue into your stack (even one page at a time without an additional build step) without having to rewrite the whole app at once. In this article, you can learn how to do that with a WordPress theme.

Howto Add TypeScript to Your Existing Vue Project

Here’s an interesting take on using TypeScript in a Vue project. Usually when people are talking about TS, they focus on creating a brand new application stack with TypeScript. In this article, Ville Säävuori focuses on how to add TypeScript gradually to an existing application. It also mentions several other resources where you can learn more.

Vue 3 Reactivity - Learn Composition Functions API

Another great article on the upcoming Composition API, this time touching on how it might affect building animated interfaces. Check it out!

#32: Deep vs Shallow Rendering in Vue.js Tests

A short article on how to use deep and shallow rendering in Vue.js and what I suggest to use most of the cases using vue test utils.

Deep dive into Vue state management

Explore the many approaches to state management with Vue.js in this deep dive article by Filip Rakowski.

Stateful Styles With Tailwind and Vue

Vue and Tailwind enable for some helpful patterns when dealing with state-driven component styling. This post walks through a few of those patterns.

GitHub - ffxsam/vue-typescript-cookbook

Recipes to demystify Vue + TypeScript


GitHub - deulos/vue-flux


Image slider which comes with 20 cool transitions

GitHub - mayank091193/quasar-draggable-tree


QDraggableTree is a component that displays hierarchical data with drag and drop ability.