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182Monday, June 15, 2020
Quasar.Conf coming online on July 5th; The process of rewriting Vue.js;

Hi there,

I’m back with some interesting news for you!

Are you interested in Quasar? If yes, there’s an online Quasar.Conf coming on July, 5th. You can still submit your lightning talks if you would like to present something related to either Vue or Quasar.

If you happen to use the Composition-API plugin, make sure to be careful with the update to the recently released v0.6.0. It slightly changes the behavior of watch to align better with the Vue 3.0 implementation.

Speaking of Vue 3 – there’s a great story written by Evan You about the design decision and process of rewriting the whole library. Make sure to check it out!

Stay safe,

Damian Dulisz


Release v0.6.0 · vuejs/composition-api

The new version of the composition-api plugin introduces some breaking changes that align the plugin with the current state of Vue 3.0 implementation.

Redesign the position object returned by `scrollBehavior` · vuejs/rfcs

New Vue-Router RFC that aims at changing the way scrollBehavior will work in the new version of Vue-Router. Here is the full explanation.

Introducing Quasar.Conf

Introducing Quasar.Conf

Great news! The Quasar Team is organising a conference for their community called Quasar.Conf! You will be able to watch it online on Youtube Live on the 5th of July, 2020. Check out the article to see the current lineup. You can also apply to speak there!

Quasar v1.12.0 released! Lots of new features and improvements

The new "modern mode" of Quasar is out, where transpilation to ES5 is dropped, which means you can develop faster and build even faster and smaller apps with Quasar.

The release comes together with the v1.9.0 release of @quasar/app.

The process: Making Vue 3 – Increment: Frontend

Would you like to learn more about the decision making and the development process of the upcoming Vue v3.0? Here are the lessons learned from rewriting the next major version of Vue.js, written by Evan You.

Vetur: status quo, development, sponsorship and direction

Vetur is likely known to everyone who uses Visual Studio Code to work with Vue – it’s an extension that supercharges your editor with numerous features. Read about the future plans for the extension written by the creator – Pine Wu.

⭐️ If you would like to support his work on Vetur and the Vue Language Server, you can now support Pine through GitHub sponsorship!

Understanding Reactivity in Vue 3.0

The Vue.js core team member Jinjiang has written an amazing, in-depth article about the reactivity system that can be found in Vue 3.0. It talks about how the reactivity API has evolved from what we had in Vue 2.x and it even shows how you can use the Vue’s new standalone reactivity with React.

Context and Provider Pattern with the Vue 3 Composition API

Learn how to use the Vue 3 Composition API to replicate the React Context and Provider API.

Writing a Vue component using TDD: a gentle introduction

In this tutorial, you'll learn the basic concepts of Test Driven Development (TDD) building a simple Vue.js component with TypeScript, using Jest for testing and setting up coverage and Continuous Integration with TravisCI.

Separating Core Logic and Framework Integrations

Write a simple useForm composable to integrate a framework-agnostic form validation library with Vue.js 3.

How to test custom prop validators in Vue.js

In the article, Rolf Haug (co-founder of Vue School) will show you how you can test props and custom prop validators in a simple and performant way, without spying on the console error.

Going dark with Nuxt.js color mode

The @nuxtjs/color-mode module is a cool way of adding dark mode to your site. But not only does it switch from dark to light but also any color theme (eg. sepia mode). It even has auto detection so that it will choose the right mode depending on your system appearance.


GitHub - vue-a11y/vue-dark-mode


A component that helps to implement dark mode and other color modes in your Vue application.

GitHub - ElMassimo/vuex-stores


🗄 Store objects for Vuex, a simple and more fluid API for state-management.

Release v4.0.0 · ktquez/vue-disqus


Vue component to integrate Disqus count and comments in your application, with support for SPA

GitHub - blacksonic/vue-3-playground


Vue 3 Playground stands as a learning project for those who want to get familiar with the new features of Vue 3. The project aims to include all the new features.