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183Sunday, July 5, 2020
Vue 3.0 status update; Svelte-inspired magic for Vue SFC; Nuxt.js v2.13 is out and more!

Hi there,

As we are all waiting for the new major version of Vue, you might be wondering – how much longer? We are happy to share the latest status update of the project.

TL;DR; Release Candidate mid July. Official release in August.

In the meantime, while we are waiting for some of the tooling to catch up with Vue 3.0, Evan has created a new proposal for improving the DX of building Vue components. Inspired by Svelte! Check it out, it’s pretty magical! ✨

There’s also a new Nuxt.js release – v2.13.0. It comes with a completely new build come called full-static. There’s also a new release of create-nuxt-app!


Damian Dulisz


SFC Improvements by yyx990803 · vuejs/rfcs

We’ve heard that many of you like Svelte and so do we. Some of the quality of life improvements that Svelte offers come from the Svelte compiler. And since we also have a compiler for the single-file components, Evan You figured we could use some Svelte-inspired magic! 🎩 Meet script setup – a new way to author Vue components using the composition-api but without the boilerplate. Fully optional.

Release v4.0.0-beta.1 · vuejs/vue-router-next · GitHub

The Vue-Router v4.0 is now in beta! This brings us yet another step closer to the the official Vue 3.0 release!

Vue.js Global Conference

On August 13-14th the organizers of the biggest Vue.js conference in the world will host an online event called Vue.js Global! The Call for Papers is still open!

You can also apply for the Diversity Scholarship!

#23: Venturing into Vite with Evan You

New episode of Enjoy the Vue podcast with Evan You talking about Vue, Vite and VitePress!

Testing Vue+Apollo: 2020 edition

Testing Vue components is usually pretty straightforward until those components start depending on other packages. Like Apollo’s GraphQL. Here’s a new take on testing this stack written by Natalia Tepluhina.

Make Libraries Work with Vue 2 and 3

Probably my favorite news this week! Anthony Fu created Vue-Demi. A utility library that allows you to ship 1 version of your Vue library that will support both Vue 2.x and Vue 3.0 at the same time. All you have to do is change your composition-api imports from either “vue” or “@vue/composition-api“ to “vue-demi”. The library will automatically use the available source for those functions based on the environment. Can’t wait to try it out with the new Vuelidate version.

Create a Blog with Nuxt Content

The Content module is a git files based headless CMS that provides powerful features when it comes to write blogs, documentation sites or just adding content to any regular website. In this post we will go through most of the benefits of this module and discover how we can create a blog with it.

The 6 Levels of Reusability

In this beginner-friendly article, Michael Thiessen explains how to reduce code duplication through smart component design that focuses on reusability.

Improve Your Developer Experience With Nuxt Components

Explore how you can import and register Vue components automatically using @nuxt/components module.


GitHub - antfu/vue-demi


🎩 Creates Universal Library for Vue 2 & 3

GitHub - ktquez/vue-social-chat


Vue.js component for your visitors and customers to send messages directly to you through social chats or customized form.

GitHub - MartinMalinda/vue-concurrency


A library for encapsulating asynchronous operations and managing concurrency for Vue and Composition API.