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192Monday, April 12, 2021
Vue 3.0 to drop IE 11 support (RFC); 2 days until Vueconf.us; Component testing in Cypress;

Hi there!

Last month might not have been the most eventful when it comes to Vue news, but there’s been plenty of exciting new libraries for Vue 3.0. Those include:

  • 🍍Pinia – a new Vuex alternative created by Eduardo San Martin Morote
  • ✋Vue-UseGesture – a composable that helps you handle all kinds of mouse and touch events, including complex gestures by Mesut Koca
  • 🪄useMagicKeys – a composable that allows you to easily set keyboard shortcuts by Anthony Fu and the VueUse team
  • 📐Splitpanes – a library that makes dynamic splitpanes a breeze by Antoni "antoniandre"

There’s also been one pretty impactful news – Vue 3.0 will likely drop support for IE 11. As dramatic as it sounds, Vue 3.0 was not supporting IE 11 at any time, but there was the plan to create a 3.0-compat build, that would support IE 11. Instead, the new idea (still in RFC) is to backport as many Vue 3.0 features (like the Composition-API) back into Vue 2.x. This should both ensure a smoother migration from Vue 2.x to 3.x, while also reducing the maintenance burden of supporting 2 builds of Vue 3.0. Additionally, this also removes the need to support IE 11 by all the 3rd party libraries.

It also means that the Composition-API plugin for Vue 2.x will be obsolete, which is a good thing, because once the API becomes part of the core, the plugin-performance-tax will be removed. As an added benefit, Vue 2.x is being migrated to TypeScript as we speak, which should improve the overall developer experience of those using TS.

Lastly, VueConf.us is happening in on April 14th. It’s a completely free event and from what I’ve heard, there are some exciting announcements to look for! Don’t miss it – the tickets are available only until April 13th. ⏰

Stay safe and enjoy the rest of the newsletter,

Damian Dulisz

P.S. Bento is now 6 months old! It’s incredible how fast he has grown! Just yesterday, he was this tiny boy and now he looks so serious! Especially when he’s suspicious about his half-birthday cake! 🎂


Proposal for dropping IE 11 support in Vue 3 · Discussion #296 · vuejs/rfcs · GitHub

Though Vue 3.0 is not currently supporting IE 11, there was the idea to ship a compat built that would support it. However, after the recent developments, the team figured that it might be better to instead port as many Vue 3.0 features into Vue 2.x core (including the composition-API) instead. Additionally, the Vue 2.x codebase is being rewritten in TypeScript.

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Vue - The Road To Enterprise

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