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119Tuesday, November 13, 2018
Using Vue? Evan wants to hear from you; Example repos from Chris Fritz, NativeScript 5.0 released!


If you're with a company using Vue successfully, Evan You wants to hear from you. Core Vue Member Chris Fritz has some new resources for us: an example monolith application and the hello-vue-components library. And fresh out of the oven: NativeScript 5.0!

– Damian Dulisz


NativeScript 5.0 is hot 🔥 out of the oven!

NativeScript 5.0 is here! Learn all about the amazing developer-focused productivity improvements like Hot Module Replacement, a new interactive CLI, and the tns preview command (allowing you to start developing for iOS on Windows!).

4 Connect.Tech Conference Talks Now Live

Watch Guillame Chau talk about Vue CLI 3 and the power of the Vue UI, Josh Justice teaches test driven development with Cypress, Ben Hong shows how VuePress makes creating your docs super easy, and Chris Fritz shares 7 secret patterns Vue consultants don’t want you to know.

Black Friday Mega Sale

Black Friday Mega Sale

Vue School has launched their Black Friday deals early - 40% off on all plans. This means that you can get a month for $7 or a yearly license for just $58. All licenses give you access to over 200 videos - 12 courses, including the Vue.js Master Class, and all future courses. The latest courses cover advanced Vue.js topics, Testing, and Nuxt.js in collaboration with the Nuxt Team.

This is a great time to buy because you can watch hundreds of top-notch lessons during the year for a really low fee.

Type Vue without TypeScript

Did you know you can use TypeScript without using TypeScript? Rahul shows you what this means and how to do it in VS Code.

Deep Dive into VuePress: Craft a Clean Documentation & Blog

Charles Ouellet shows why and how you might want to use VuePress as a documentation and simple blogging platform.

Working an application in Vue.js with TDD — An extensive guide for people who have time — part 4

This is part 4 of a series exploring test-driven development in Vue. This week, we learn how to test an API request service.

Nuxt.js (v2), Firestore & SSR 🔥

A simple example showing how to integrate Firebase Firestore into a Nuxt.js project while keeping the server-side rendering capabilities that come with the amazing Universal SSR mode of Nuxt.js.

Building A Real-Time Chat Application With Vue.js and Firebase - Part 1

A new series of videos showing how to build a real-time chat application with Vue and Firebase.

Vue as Event Bus — Life is Happier

See how a Vue event bus can be a simple solution for a publish-subscribe messaging pattern in Vue.


GitHub - shenoy/vue-scrollama


Vue component to easily setup scroll-driven interactions (aka scrollytelling)

GitHub - chrisvfritz/vue-monolith-example


Simple example of how to structure a monolithic Vue application