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120Tuesday, November 20, 2018
VueConf Toronto slides; New videos from Connect.tech; Preview of Vue 3.0; State of JS results and more!


what an insane week! Tons of conference content including slides from the VueConf Toronto conference, as well as 3 new videos from Connect.Tech event from the Vue.js path.

There’s also a great article by Gregg and Adam that sums up Evan’s talk about Vue.js 3.0.

The results from the State of JavaScript 2018 survey are here! As anticipated – Vue’s adoption is increasing drastically and has the highest satisfaction rate out there among front-end frameworks!

Also, please welcome An Phan, a fellow Vue.js core team member and the creator of koel, as he joins our News team! Great to have you on board!

— Damian Dulisz


Evan You Previews Vue.js 3.0 🔥

By taking advantage of new abilities enabled by modern browsers, Vue 3 will be an improved evolution of the Vue.js we already know and love. Here’s our notes and combined with his slides.

List of slides from VueConf Toronto

Vue 3.0 by Evan You Vuex in Action by Jacob Schatz Vuetify by John Leider Advanced Component Design by Adam Wathan (code from demos) Vuepress Documentation Made Easy by Ben Hong More to come

Newly Published Videos from Connect.Tech

Building Forms for an Engaging User Experience by Divya Sasidharan Angular Features in Vue.js by Natalia Tepluhina New to Front-End Dev? Get Rocking w/Vue.js by Diana Rodriguez

The State of JavaScript 2018 Results

The State of JavaScript 2018 Results

The results of probably the largest JavaScript oriented survey out there. See how Vue.js performs in the front-end framework category. Vue is a beast!

Release v2.3.1 · nuxt/nuxt.js · GitHub

A new release of Nuxt.js comes with support for modern mode and some additional improvements to the CLI tool.

Save 35% on an annual subscription to VueMastery.com

Save 35% on an annual subscription to VueMastery.com

With 5 Vue Courses and new video tutorials released every week, Vue Mastery is your resource for leveling-up your Vue skills and staying current in your knowledge. Plus 25% of your subscription is donated to the Vue.js framework itself. For a limited time, use code: BLACKFRIDAY when you sign up. (Code valid until Nov 28).

Real-life use cases for computed properties in Vue.js

Vue’s computed properties allow you to consolidate complex logic and calculations into one reactive piece of data, and unlike with a method or a watcher, you get caching for free! In this article, Sunil Sandhu talks about some real-life cases for using them – be sure to take a read.

Using Redux + Redux-Observable with Vue.js

Redux is to React what Vuex is to Vue, right? Did you know, however, that you can use Redux with Vue just fine? Because sure you can! In this article, Jean-Sebastien Tremblay will explain the what, the why, and the how.

Adding Vue.js to an Existing Project

How do you start a Vue project from scratch nowadays? Why, simply fire up Vue-CLI and enjoy all those HMR, Babel, ESLint, and TypeScript support! But what if you inherit a legacy application and feel like it can use some reactivity juice? No problemo – Vue is a progressive framework, which means you can incorporate it into your existing code base quite effortlessly, and that’s exactly what Blunt Jackson tackles in this article.

Nuxt.js Fundamentals, a free Vue.js video course

What’s better than a high-quality video course on Nuxt.js? A free, high-quality, video course on Nuxt.js! And you won’t get any less than that with this course from Vueschool.io: 14 lessons to walk you through the fundamentals of Nuxt, totally free of charge. If this doesn’t make you excited, we don’t know what does!

Offline-First Vue Apps with Hoodie & Workbox

Offline-first applications are becoming more and more popular these days. In this article, Peter Mbanugo teaches us how to build such an application in Vue with Hoodie and Google’s Workbox. You’ll also get introduced to service workers and a few caching strategies – remember to shake hands!

Patching the Vue.js Virtual DOM: The need, the explanation and the solution

While certainly one of the more advanced topics when it comes to Vue and its internals, a knowledge of VirtualDOM can be tremendously powerful from time to time. In this article, Michael Gallagher talks about patching the Virtual DOM to eliminate some UI flickering, and it’s well worth a read.


Vuex Pathify


Ridiculously simple Vuex setup + wiring

GitHub - sgraewe/nuxt-tailwind


A Nuxt.js starter project template using Tailwind CSS without the distraction of a complicated development environment.

GitHub - nuxt/serve-placeholder


♡ Connect/Express middleware to respond with better placeholders based on request instead of 404 page